How to prepare for brickfilming

Preparation – what to know before you start making lego movie

Preparing for Brickfilming – by Philip Heinrich — A basic outline of what you’ll need to get up and running when picking up brickfilming as a hobby.

How to Recreate a YouTube Video into a Lego Brickfilm – by Joseph “Kingspud” Propati – A step by step guide for recreating a YouTube video into a Lego Brickfilm.

Frames Per Second– by Hali — A quick article explaining the vital concept of Frames Per Second.

Which Camera is Best for You? – by Stefan — What camera should you use? Many, if not all, aspiring brickfilmers are faced with this question. This article provides explanations and examples so beginning brickfilmers can decide which is best for them.

Stop Motion Primer – by Thomas Foote — So you want to try stop-Motion animation, preferably with LEGO. Maybe you have a few of the things you need to get started already. Maybe you’re just looking to see what it’s like. Thomas Foote shares what he’s learned and his opinions.

Types of Shots – An explanation of the different types of shots filmmakers use to develop their film.