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I’ve been a member of this site for a very long time, and as such, I would love to give something back to this wonderful community. In becoming a review panel member, I would achieve that goal. Also, it would give me the chance to watch many films that I might otherwise miss. As a huge movie enthusiast, this is an opportunity I would not like to pass up. Considering my length of time on the site, my years as a brickfilmer, and my love for films in general, I believe I am the right man for the job.

Having been a member of since 2003, I’ve had a chance to watch the community, and thus the quality of films, grow and expand. I’m aware that some of the films, which were accepted into the directory in 2004, would never make it in today. Taking for example, my own film, ‘A Lego Western.’ This little film sits comfortably in the directory as of May 30th 2005, but is nowhere near up to the quality of acceptability by today’s standards. In addition to seeing the bar being raised as to what quality a film should be of to get accepted into the directory, I’ve also had first hand experience with many of my own films. I’ve had three of my films over the years get rejected from the directory, and in comparing those to the films I’ve had accepted, I feel I have a high understanding of just what it takes to get into the directory, and what won’t cut it.
For example, a film with poor animation could get in if it has high entertainment values, but a film with great animation probably won’t get in based solely upon that fact.

In addition to having been a member for so long, I’ve got plenty of free time and will be able to review films often. I’ve got a decent computer, and have no problem downloading films of any file size or format. Also, I feel very competent in my abilities to write properly structured and grammatically correct sentences. English is my first (and only) language, and I have no problem expressing my thoughts and feelings when using it. I believe that is important when reviewing a film, since essentially what reviewing a film means is expressing your thoughts and feelings about the film in question.

As stated above, I am a huge fan of movies and films. Becoming a review panel member would give me the opportunity to see tons of amateur and student films, which is something I would love. In addition, I would be very kind to the newcomers, or people who’s films aren’t quite up to snuff to get in, as I’ve been there myself. As a member of the community, I’ve always tried to reach out to the newer users, and if I notice a film in the post and review forum has no replies, I always make a point to try and reply to it. I would do the same in reviewing or rejecting films. For example, telling the director why exactly their film was not accepted would be a huge priority of mine, because I want to see other brickfilmers improve their craft.

In short, I would love this opportunity to do my part here at I would thoroughly enjoy watching and reviewing films, and would be prepared to reject films if necessary. I leave you with my review of ‘An Old Ore’s’ Ten Line Contest film ‘Transaction,’ followed by a review of 34643464’s ‘Bill and Bob 2: Tough Advice’ that I did in the post and review forum on September the 7th 2007. Finally, a rejection letter of ‘Lego Wars Archives: True Republic’ by Lechnology will follow.

Review of ‘Transaction’
[spoiler]Though not without it’s faults, ‘Transaction’ is a fun little film that will surely have you laughing by the end. Made for the ‘Ten Lines Contest,’ (in which contestants had to integrate ten pre-chosen lines into their story) this film does a great job at including those lines in a very natural manner. Though fairly random at times, the viewer always has a clear sense of what is going on in the film, as the plot is usually furthered by the dialogue between the two main characters, and later their boss and a pirate. The dialogue is funny and very snappy, similar to the style of another brickfilmer, Blunty. Featuring some nice cinematic moments, such as the focus pull from a car to a guy’s reaction as to what just happened to said car, ‘Transaction’ is a highly enjoyable short. Though there are a few audio level problems and animation issues, the quality of the script and the fantastic voiceovers more than make up for it.[/spoiler]

Review for 34643464’s
‘Bill and Bob 2: Tough Advice’
[spoiler]”I would hug you…”
That was a great line. Made me laugh.
The film itself had a few problems, for instance the opening and closing credits seemed to be a bit too long, you may want to cut them down a bit for your next film. The audio seemed to cut off before the lines were done sometimes, and it was hard to follow exactly which character was talking at times, but in the end it still makes sense. The animation was consistant, and pretty smooth most of the time, what frame rate was it at?
There was definitely room for improvement, but the film was very funny and I can see your potential as a great brickfilmer.
– Yo-blob[/spoiler]
Rejection letter for ‘Lego Wars Archives: True Republic’
[spoiler]Dear Brickfilmer, I regret to inform you that I found your film ‘Lego Wars Archives: True Republic’ not quite up to standards for inclusion in the directory. The story and plot of your film appeared to be well thought out, but the execution was of a lower standard than many other brickfilms in the directory. I recommend you work on your animation and audio in particular, as they presented the most constant problem in your film. If you haven’t done so already, I advise you to post a link in the post and review section of our forums, where other members of the forum can comment, critique and give you advice on how to improve your films. I see great potential in you as a film maker, especially in the field of writing dialogue, as what was written in this film seemed to be great, (especially in context to the Star Wars universe.) I do, however, recommend a better microphone, and that you practice a few of your techniques, such as animation and set building. On a final note, you may wish to shorten your credits in the future, as it can annoy some people to watch credits that last as long as yours did.
Happy brickfilming and I do hope to see more films from you in the future.
May the brick be with you.[/spoiler]