RealAnime – FREE A graphical user interface that converts big files into smaller files using state-of-the-art codecs. Settings are set once and used on all files. Profiles are avalible to use different settings on different sources. RealAnime also supports filtering to improve quality on bad sources.

Real Producer – FREE – A very efficient encoder that compresses videos to the RealMedia format.

Media Convert – FREE – An online media converter that supports a broad variety of input and output filetypes for video, audio, image, and text files (NOTE: You can only convert files up to 150 MB in size). Not only that, you can also convert movie files that play directly off the Internet (e.g.: YouTube, Google Video, etc.) as well as take screenshots of websites.

Xvid codec – FREE – XviD is an ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec, designed to compress/decompress digital video. It’s a open source project, which is developed and maintained by a handful of skilled and interested engineers from all over the world.

DivX – FREE – One of the most widely used and popular video codecs on the web.

MediaCoder – FREE – An open source media converter that allows you to encode in a wide variety of audio and video formats. Not only that, but it can also convert to portable video player formats and rip audio and video discs.

Quicktime Pro – A compression program used by professionals in the industry for Quicktime Compression and carries a price tag of a mere $30.

MPEGstreamclip – FREE – A conversion and encoding tool for Mac and PC users. If you can’t afford any programs but want to have a great compression tool for AVI’s, MOV’s, etc. then this is the program for you. Very useful for converting certain MPEG files and such that editors might not like.

Windows Media Encoder – FREE – Windows Media Encoder allows users to compress their films in Windows Media format, and is a strong alternative to using the WMV compression in Windows Movie Maker.