Frame Capture

Anasazi Stop Motion AnimatorFREE – Also known as SMA, this little program is a very simple and easy tool for capturing animation. Onion skinning is also included.

MonkeyJamFREE – Although it is designed for pencil and paper, MonkeyJam can also be used for Stop Motion animation and has several features just for that. It now supports importing sound files, which means timing your animation to dialog just got easier.

Stop Motion Pro – A very, very good piece of capture software. Includes features like: record and synchronize audio to your animation, export animation as MPEG, multiple color and shape markers to make tracking animation easy, up to 50 levels of onion skinning, frame averaging, and programmable shortcut keys for virtually every function.

iStopMotion – – A stop motion animation and time lapse capture tool for Mac OS X. Based entirely on modern Mac OS X features, it offers a high level of functionality. Has a 5-day free use grace period.

AnimatorDV SimpleFREE – Tool that supports Betacam SP/SDI, DV, Digital Still Cameras, scanners, other TWAIN devices, analog (WDM) and webcams, all with onion skin mode. Recently, the Simple+ version has become free for download on the AnimatorDV website (ignore the commercial use link).

FrameThief – – A shareware package for creating animation on the Macintosh platform. Grace period unknown.

Helium Frog Animator – – FREE frame capture program for WIndows.