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What do you need to make a lego movie

Animating a Mini-fig walking – a tutorial by Hali “One of the hardest things to animate (and one of the first things we all need to do) is learning to make a minifig walk realistically. Below are 4 examples of minifig movement, from the way a lot of people start out, through to an easy way to make a minifig run.”

Making a LEGO compatible base for your Webcam – By Nate “Blunty” “snap your new “lego-compatiable” cam onto a baseplate (or wherever) and enjoy the new sense of security you will get from knowing your cam will STAY WHERE YOU PUT IT!

Another LEGO Compatible Base method – by Hali “So how do I get those really crisp still images in my films? Part of it is from having a steady camera. I’m sure this frame could be designed a little more efficiently, but the most important parts are the combination of pieces that slot just nicely in to the base of the cam. What I really like about the design is how low it is to the ground… great for those low close-ups.

LEGO camera base for the quickcam 4000 – by JamesFM “Although it may be useful for actual use as a Webcam, the stand supplied with the Logitech Quickcam 4000 is not suitable in any way for Brickfilming. It’s easily to bump, it sits too high, it’s hard to adjust and it breaks apart too easily. This page describes step by step how to build the jumble of bricks that overcomes all these problems: The Custom Quickcam 4K Cradle”

Axogon Composer Basics – a Tutorial by Thomas Foote “You can use it to assemble video clips, apply filters to change the look of the video,add animated overlays, do special effects, and add multiple tracks of sound. However the biggest drawback of Axogon Composer is it’s very steep learning curve It’s extremely difficult to work with when you first look at it. Because of this , I’ve created this simple tutorial to get you familiar with the organization and capabilities of this powerful program.”

Stop Motion Primer – by Thomas Foote “So you want to try Stop-Motion Animation, preferably with LEGO. Maybe you have a few of the things you need to get started already. Maybe you’re just looking to see what it’s like. Here in these pages I’ll share what wisdom I’ve learned and what opinions I have.”

Videomach Tutorial – by Smash_lizard “Videomach can be a very confusing piece of software, especially to those who have never used it before. Below is a tutorial which should help those of you who are confused, frustrated, or have no clue what to do. This program is capable of many things, but I will just cover the basics ”

Audio Guide – by lowweek “Basically, it explains how to have a better sound in your movies when you’re not working with a professional studio; how to choose and place microphones, how to find foleys, how to use effects such as reverberations or equalizers, how to work with other people, how to encode your soundtrack, and so on.” Basics – by Matthew “A brief Tutorial on how to use”

Preparing for Brickfilming – By Smeagol Studios “A basic outline of what you’ll need to get up and running when picking up Brickfilming as a hobby.”

Lightsabres in Axogon Composer. – By Smeagol Studios “A guide on producing Lightsabre effetcs using Axogon Composer.”

Creating a digital crowd - by Smeagol Studios “”If you have a massive crowd scene, with dozens, or even hundreds of mini-figs, then you know that it would be impossible to get enough mini-figs to film the scene, especially if they are all identical, or need to look similar. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to make them on the computer.

Chroma Keying in Axogon Composer – By Smeagol Studios “A guide on Blue/green screening using Axogon composer.

CGI Bricks – by Smeagol Studios “A guide on creating/converting 3D rendered LEGO, and using CGI in your Brickfilms.

How To Animate A Muzzle Flare – By Buxton of Oblong Pictures “A few people have asked how I did this effect in The Brick Gulch Chronicles. It’s not difficult, but it is very time consuming and tedious. There’s probably faster and easier ways of doing it but I’m no Photoshop expert and I just go with what I know.

I use Photoshop 7.0. Other versions may have slight differences, I don’t know. Here’s how I did it…