Special Effects

Axogon Composer Basics – by Thomas Foote The biggest drawback of Axogon Composer is it’s very steep learning curve. Thomas created this simple tutorial to get you familiar with the organization and capabilities of this powerful program.

Lightsabers in Axogon Composer. – by Philip Heinrich — A guide on creating Star Wars style lightsaber effects using Axogon Composer.

Chroma Keying in Axogon Composer – by Philip Heinrich — A guide on blue/green screening using Axogon Composer.

Digital Crowds in Axogon Composer – by Smeagol Studios “”If you have a massive crowd scene, with dozens, or even hundreds of mini-figs, then you know that it would be impossible to get enough mini-figs to film the scene, especially if they are all identical, or need to look similar. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to make them on the computer.” ”

CGI Bricks – by Smeagol Studios “A guide on creating/converting 3D rendered LEGO, and using CGI in your Brickfilms.”

BSOL Tutorial – By Stefan “A tutorial demonstrating the basic uses of BSOL”

How To Animate A Muzzle Flare – By Buxton of Oblong Pictures “A few people have asked how I did this effect in The Brick Gulch Chronicles. It’s not difficult, but it is very time consuming and tedious. There’s probably faster and easier ways of doing it but I’m no Photoshop expert and I just go with what I know.

I use Photoshop 7.0. Other versions may have slight differences, I don’t know. Here’s how I did it…”

Wire Removal in Photoshop – By Kyle Prohaska “First of all Special Thanks to Digital Dave for permission of the images in this tutorial. Digital Dave used these images and this technique in his film “The Customer is Always Right.” This tutorial will show you how to do this in Photoshop step by step…”

Picture in a Picture in Wax 2.0e – By Kyle Prohaska “There’s alot of free compositing tools out there but Wax 2.0e seems to be the easiest to get ahold of.There is a downside to this program however, the quality of certain things is great, while others are extremely cheesy. I’ll steer clear of the cheese and show you the basic usage of this program to pull of a simple Picture In Picture look that you see commonly on News programs…”

Muzzle Flashes in Wax 2.0e – By Kyle Prohaska “One of the top FX questions other than Chroma key is how to create some great muzzle flashes like in the movies. I’m going to take you through the steps for doing a single muzzle flash…”

Creating Effective Special Effects – By Nick Durron “A good article that gets you thinking about FX and how they should be shot and what options you have”

Face Expressions in Photoshop – By KG “A good tutorial for animating facial movements”

Proton Stream in After Effects – “Create that popular Ghostbusters effect you see in the movies.”

Force Lightning in After Effects – Daniel Broadway