Bundle programs for brickfilms

MotionMageFREE – A utility designed for stop motion animation capture and editing. Features include: full camera setting controls, auto-averaging picture smoothing, onion-skin and strobe and disaster recovery. Frames are saved to a directory when taken, and automatically moved to a trash directory when cut or deleted. Barring a hard-disk crash, you cannot lose a single frame of animation unless you specifically delete it by emptying the trash. MotionMage is written in Java, and it uses the Java Media Framework for video functions. This means that it works with both Windows and Unix/Linux systems.

BTV Pro – – Video capture, editing and animation shareware for the Macintosh. It has a 15 day free-use grace period. Features include: movie playback and editing, stop-motion animation, frame averaging, movie export, DV input/output, DV device control.

I Can Animate – A stop motion creation package for Mac OSX. It works with multiple video layers, in effect giving you the ability to photo retouch your video. Draw directly onto your video frames for special effects, or remove support rods or strings. The drawing layer sits on top of the video layer so that you can retouch the images you have captured without changing the video images themselves. It also includes chroma key support and multi level onion skinning.