10 Brick Contest

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    people stop trying to get all dodgy with the rules, the limitation IS the challenge, not cheating it.



    In the What happened? thread it was said that this thread is not there any more, but it seems I can post to it. Has it been revived?


    EDIT: I see, sorry.



    Read through the whole “what happened?” thread and you’ll know.

    Sorry for the offtopic.



    you could use a basketball player and only use 5 elements.



    Sorry if this has been answered already, I just ran over the thread again and couldn’t find anything about it.

    Are there any constraints as for the title and credits other than there has to be a still image of all the parts in the credits? E.g., can we use CGI while the title is shown if it doesn’t have any connection to the actual animation (like in the HAT entry “The Golden Elephant”)?




    I think I’ll enter the contest. Even though I can’t compare with everyone else. 😳



    this looks great and i am going to enter.
    One thing i dont think youve covered yet,
    Is it 10 elements in the current shot, or 10 overall?




    10 elements overall, credits allowed at either end (but I’d recommend keeping them short) and the whole thing to be no more than 2 minutes long. It’s that simple.

    I can’t say for definite, but I would guess that if the credits further the story in any way, they count as one or more elements. If it’s just a fancy CGI thing with the title of your film spinning like a top and giving off flashes of lightning, I’d call it one element. And a pretty annoying one at that.



    crap! Got to simplify my credits.



    Actually, no. If it’s not related to the story in any way other than to announce its title or say who made it, I’d say that a credit sequence doesn’t count as an element. Not that my opinions count for much – I’m not one of the organisers, after all.

    That’ll teach me to post before breakfast.

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 142 total)

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