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    The Brickfilmer’s Guild is proud to present the 2013 Brickfilmer’s Guild Animation Festival.
    This festival will showcase some of the best brickfilms of 2013 by members of the Brickfilmer’s Guild and also other members of the YouTube brickfilming community. We invite any YouTube brickfilmer to submit their best brickfilm of 2013. This can be a film that has already been made or one you make just for this festival, as long as it was published in 2013.
    The contest will be judged by thefourmonkeys and will have many categories.
    Best Brickfilm will be the only prize winning category.

    1. Email a link of your YouTube brickfilm to contest@brickfilmersguild.com.
    2. Your brickfilm must be uploaded in the year 2013. The YouTube video must have a 2013 date. The deadline for submissions is 12:01 A.M. GMT, January 1, 2014.
    3. Your entry does not have to be made for the festival, but if you include the BFG logo in the first 5 seconds of your brickfilm it will make you eligible for the “Best Entry with BFG Logo” category.
    4. The principle animation technique must be stop motion.
    5. It must be under 10 minutes long.
    6. You can only enter one brickfilm.No substitutions are allowed after entry link is received. Sorry. No exceptions!
    7. Violence with blood is allowed. Guns, knives, and all other weapons are allowed.
    8. Offensive language will be tolerated, but could hurt your score if not used in a necessary manner.
    9. No sexually offensive material allowed.
    10. No offensive racist material will be accepted.

    (Prize may or may not be revealed at a later date)

    Link for BFG logo: http://brickfilmersguild.com/elgg/pg/photos/download/19416/inline/

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    I’m interested in entering.

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    ed pierce

    It looks like I have about 10 days to get this ready and send it out. The rules are some of the easiest to follow that I almost thought there was a catch.

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