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    There obviously isn’t a day that can accomodate everyone. The only day I could possibly have a chance of doing this is on the 27th.



    “Stefan” wrote: I suggest shifting the time 12 hours and starting at noon GMT. Why? Because then for people at one extreme the contest will run from Friday Midnight to Saturday Midnight, whereas for others it will run from Saturday Midnight to Sunday Midnight. So everyone gets to do their film during the weekend.

    Awesome idea, Stefan! 😀 I’m for that all the way.

    “Stefan” wrote: IceMan, you’re surely not in church all day, are you?

    Well, from early morning to late noon and then since I’m apart of the Youth’s Worship Band, I have practice ruffly from 2 to 4. So, you see it’d be pushing it if I try to get any animating done on Sunday. 🙁



    David West

    I was hoping that there would be enough votes for “Any date will work” to warrant running the competition on a single day. Since that won’t be possible, I will run the competition on multiple days, and I will make sure that anyone who wants to enter but can’t make it on any of those days can.


    David West

    I’d thought about letting everyon choose their own date, but I figured that it would be too hard for me to message everyone right when they wanted. Instead I’d planned on Running the contest on all 3 of those days, then having anyone who can’t make in on any PM or Email me so that I can set them up on a seperate day. An auto responding email adress- I never even thought of that! I’ll look into making one, that would be an excellent Idea.


    David West

    Ok, I’ve set up an auto responder at 24hour@david.brickfilms.com. Rev says people have been having problems getting Email from the servers lately, so I would like it if people could send me an email to test it out. If you don’t get a response title “24 Hour Contest”, post here and tell me. If it works fine, don’t bother posting, I’ll receive your message and know it worked.



    David, will you make a proper announcement of the contest, or do we just send an e-amil to the autoresponder on any if the three weekends and start animating?




    Grumpy spoilsport that I am… the whole point of knowing you are animating with a number of people around the world at the same time in this comp is being lost. Plus, I don’t trust the theme won’t slip out. People say all kinds of irresponsible and badly thought out things in chat all the time. I know this sounds negative of me, but an unintentional slip up for a second could ruin the basic premise of this comp.




    Please oh please don’t do it on August 20th, it’s my birthday.



    I kind of agree with Hali, though I don’t know what will be preferable: a high level of participation or the simultaneous race against the clock.

    Also, I don’t seem to have received the e-mail yet. Sent it out about 30 minutes ago.




    I sent it and got it it only a few seconds after I emailed.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 53 total)

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