3rd Cover This Song Contest, Aladibababad

Dear Brickfilmers and Brickfilmerettes,

I'm am proud to announce the 3rd Cover This Song Contest, this time featuring the title song of

"Aladibababad" by the Leftfielders.

Special thanks to them for giving us permission to use their song and providing lyrics, chords and and mp3 file of the song.

The rules are simple: Everything is allowed as long as the lyrics or the melody are the same as in the orginal song.

Everyone who'd like to enter should post a working link to their entry in this thread (Compress your entrys into mp3 or wav and try to keep it small for the dial-uppers). Entrys are accepted until midnight, December 14th (Middle European Time :P).

Oh and btw. The leftfielders are going to have the ability to submit 2 votes, even if they are not going to enter.

Download the song here.

"The Lyrics" wrote: D
Well he only had to deal with fourteen thieves,

and he’s outwitted crazy genies,

He’s only seen one of the seven seas

They call him Aladibababad


2nd verse

With that turban on he’s quite a sight,
and he gives all them bad guys a fright,
he’s one crazy Arabian knight
they call him Aladibababad,

a-boba-bad, boba-bad, bad...

Have fun creating your entrys and I hope we are going to have as many entrants as in the previous contests.