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    Congrats on spamming up your post rank!
    well it is true for about 200 of thoes posts. I am
    happy that you try to make all of your posts now
    helpfull and informative with no gramitcal errors.
    The only thing that i ever was conserned about
    was your use of language. The only other person
    on here that curses more than you is banjo. It seems
    like its for no aparent reason. Im not trying to sound
    like a troll my self but i personally know of a few people
    that highily dislike the curseing languge thats sometimes
    used on here, im talking about the very young animators
    on here….if you do repeat it to much it might scare them away :wink
    Im really only speaking on the behalf of other people not
    well just me. I mean i dont care for it but it does not really
    bother me my self that much.
    Other then that i dont care just spam AWAY :D. but i am sure
    that Josh does not really appricate the idea that you started a
    post about well nothing….uasualy if most people hit a big post marking
    point the uasual thing to do is to put happy 600th post and the end
    of something of the sort.

    and I dont like..what is it? Indiana jones?

    Yea tell it to my sidearm crack!
    Thats for me and yolegoman.
    Indy Jones Will live forever.
    And yolegoman please dont take this post to hard i dont want to
    start a flame war :computer: hopefully you will understand what i
    mean and if you HIGHLY! dislike this post then pm me and i will delete
    it for you 🙂 k? dont want to make people unhappy.



    I truly HATE indiana jones though






    “IndyA” wrote: AND I TRUELY DONT CARE!

    Well Said!

    Nah, don’t mind. Speak your mind, IndyA, it’s okay.

    I truely don’t care what my post count is… I didn’t even realize I was in the lead until somebody else pointed it out, and I still don’t care.

    As for the cursing, I know that has to stop. It’s a bad habit that’s been building up for a long time, and I’m trying to break it. Bear with me. 🙂




    Would you guys stop picking on yolegoman? Why can’t we all just get along? :shake This will be locked soon.



    Heck, Yolegoman may post alot, but most of his posts are useful and from what we’ve heard, he apparently has a life…..

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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