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    Hi, can anyone tell me what the countdown numbers (at the beginning of a movie) is? And does anyone know where I can get it, to put at the beginning at of my movie. Thanks in advance.



    Back in the old days (like in the 1970’s and stuff) before there was sound in films (and they became “talkies”), the picture show would be accompanied by a jacked-up-on-caffeine pianist who would provide a musical soundtrack to the action on the screen.

    The countdown numbers at the beginning of the movie would let the pianist know when to kick in with the music – sort of like “a one, a two, a one two three four – Hit it!”

    That’s my completely-based-on-no-true-knowledge answer to your question.


    Brian of Gep

    Hm… I’ve always thought this was interesting.

    Where do the rings appear on the screen?



    Upper right hand corner. They were referred to as “cigarette burns” in Fight Club, I think. Ever since Fight Club pointed them out, I notice them in every movie I watch.


    Brian of Gep

    Man, I wish I’d read this a couple hours ago. 🙂

    Thanks for the info!
    (Yes, I am easily amused… You have a problem with it? 🙂 )



    I never knew that. Jeeze im out of school and still learning, what wrong with me? 😆



    i did notice those ‘blots’ in the corner. I always thought it was because we had a bad small-town cinima.



    When I was doing a stint as a projectionist for work experience many years ago the marks were pointed out to me.

    Now they even ruin scenes in films for me… because there is no shock end to a cut or anything as you know some sort of transistion will appear in 2 seconds!

    It did feel quite cool though (in old projection equipment, not that new fangled automated stuff that actually treats film worse…) seeing the ‘burn’ and then hitting the switch at the right time… starting up reel 2 on the second projector just at the right time and the audience down below being none the wiser… (then pulling off reel 1… slapping on reel 3 ready for an hour or so down then track (long film) and taking reel 1 across to the little alcove off the side to manually rewind the reel, holding the film on either side of the sprocket holes ‘feeling’ for breaks or splits as the film sped through your fingers.. sometimes too fast and burning…)

    Those were the days. *sigh*



    Drunken Farmer Ben

    “RevMen” wrote: Upper right hand corner. They were referred to as “cigarette burns” in Fight Club, I think. Ever since Fight Club pointed them out, I notice them in every movie I watch.

    Haha, I have too. Except nowhere I have gone has ever insterted an “extra” frame 😮



    Hey op1studios – thanks for your more rational explanation.

    Up in Bug Tussel they were still using live musical accompaniment to all the best Gloria Swanson and Hoot Gibson films well into the 1980’s.

    Besides, for most of the people around here, the 1970’s might as well have been the 1930’s.

    Whereas for me, I scoff at the idea that anyone could be so young as to have been born in the 1990’s or even the late 80’s.

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