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April 24, 2003 at 1:59 am #1405
Avatar of austinsurge

I guess I too should clarify my stance. I liked the movie: the humor was pretty great (the bio-weapons behind Bush, anyone?) and the camera work was impeccible as always. What I guess I’m slightly dissapointed in was some of the comments and innuendos made. Condoleezza Rice enjoys special male-favored sports? Tony Blair is George W.’s b****? Not to mention the miniature Collin Powell monologue (with such terms as ‘two-dollar-ho’) and the twisted Sadaam-bin Laden love . It really detracted from the otherwise really funny political satire. I know that since it’s your forum and your site, you’re entitled to your views, but some ideas didn’t seem appropriate for the medium in which you presented them. Again, I love the film, it’s just the ideas which seem a little out-of-place.

Also, as I type this, I found that there’s talk of politics and ‘voter rights’ kind of stuff. I’m a 27-year-old non-partisean voter.

April 24, 2003 at 2:38 am #1409
Avatar of Flash1015

Well I liked it, there were some “if-ie” parts I didn’t like but that just added to the fun humor of the flick.
I love the white house set very realistic, the quick slide show of images were cheating, and cheney… for someone who wants “brains” he didn’t look very Zombie like. The characters are well put together..

Nice film overall Jason.

April 24, 2003 at 3:01 am #1410
Avatar of natethegreat86

Yeah, I watched this film a while ago and posted a tiny review, and at the time I liked it. But then I watched it again and read some of the other posts. I agree with Yolego on this one. There is too many controversial points to this movie. When making a lego movie, you shouldn’t include things that you know will piss some people off. (i’m not pissed!) Now, it this were a flic of Clinton, it would be funnier, but with the whole Bush thing, bad timing.
:? he he . . . I mean . . . Do whatever you want, Jason! I loved your movie!You’re so cool!
*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff . . . . . .

April 24, 2003 at 3:43 am #1411
Avatar of Cometgreen

All right, watched it, here’s my “review”:

*spoilers…have we forgotten about this little tag?*

Yes, controversial indeed. I thought it was pretty funny, though a few things went a bit over the line, and some things just weren’t very funny. I must applaud the man who did Bush, he was spot on for most of it. I still don’t know why the girl (forgot her name) has a beard, but I’ll leave that subject alone.

I wish you would have done more with Cheney. I didn’t really like the zombie thing, I’m much more of a “Cheney’s being remote control operated” gag. I think that could have done pretty well in lego.

The animation was very iffy at certain parts. I don’t know if this is due to compression or not. But I liked the sets. I think the figs waved their arms a bit too much while talking, at least with a few characters.

Overall, good movie. Not brilliant, and not hilarious, but good. Some good laughs, and it’s nice we have a political comedy entering our domain. At least it’s not as controversial as sex or drugs. Easily the best movie I’ve seen from you yet.

*end the forgotten spoiler tag*

When talking about politics, I don’t take sides. I only think of them during elections (at least when I get old enough I will), and at that point, I’ll vote for who I think would make the better leader, not just because of the party he is on.

Cometgreen, who sometimes calls himself a Marxist :oops:

April 24, 2003 at 6:04 am #1414
Avatar of RevMen

Really good film, Jason! There was some great voice acting in there. I was especially impressed with GW Bush’s voice. At the very beginning, I thought for a second that you were using actual sound footage from a press conference.

And it was really funny, though I think it got less funny as it went on. I thought the TV address was hillarious. The Osama-Saddam scene was also funny, but it just seemed too drawn out to me.

“…the best strategery is a presumptuous strike.” That was very funny, both because of the wording and the actor’s excellent execution.

“…and we cannot allow a country that has used these weapons before…” as the guy with the nuke rolls by was also very funny. The one complaint that I thought I would hear more of leading up to the war was that the only country in the world to have ever popped nukes (and, incidentally, that possesses more nukes than anyone else) was making such a big deal about another country trying to get just one. I’m not trying to be political here, I’m just pointing out that I was happy to see this joke because I didn’t see much of it before the war.

The sets were great and the animation was good enough. This isn’t really a visual type of movie, so that’s not so important. The music was good, fitting in very well with the theme.

I think this film would have been a lot funnier if I had seen it at the time it’s supposed to be taking place. Watching it after the war has started and all but finished definitely takes away from its effect. Oh well, I still laughed, and that’s certainly worth something.

The Axis of Evil reject list was priceless.

Good job. And my compliments to your cast and to you for assembling them.

I know better than this, but here I go anyway. In order of original authorship….

“Yolegoman” wrote: I am beginning to see things in a new light, however, lets put you in charge of the USA and then have terrorists attack the world trade center and Suddam Hussein refuse to hand over/destroy wepons of mass destruction, then see where you are! You wouldn’t be perfect either, when it comes to leadership!

You wrote this in response to “I’m an independent…do you understand what that is?” What you wrote is 1) a knee jerk reaction, 2) an appeal to emotion, and 3) nowhere close to answering the question.

“Yolegoman” wrote: I dunno, this film is very controversial, Jason. There probably will never be an answer whether this brickfilm is “Right” or “Wrong” Politically.

This film made no attempt at being “Right Politically” (It was “Left,” wasn’t it? ;) ), it made an attempt at being “Funny Satirically” and it succeeded.

“Bluntman” wrote: Hey Jason, is it really necessary to pin this topic up and in two separate forums?

No, you didn’t say that, but it’s probably all that was needed.

“zirkusaffe” wrote: Very funny and a good example of breaking new brickfilming ground.

I agree!

“Yolegoman, austinsurge, natethegreat86, and cometgreen” wrote: …controversial…

If you want controversial humor, you should check out Spacemoose. Guys, I don’t even own a working TV and I’ve heard all of these jokes before (except VP Cheney as a brain-eating zombie, that one was new to me). Rice with lesbian tendencies, Jenna Bush the lush, Colin Powell the token black guy, Bush the dumb guy who makes up or misuses words, Bush the warmonger, even Saddam engaged in dysfunctional homosexual relationships with other extremely evil characters (seen the Southpark movie?), these are all standard jokes, enjoyed the world over (well, the country anyway) by liberals and conservatives alike.

I don’t mean to say the film is unoriginal, I’m just trying to put things in perspective. For there to be controversy there needs to be a dispute. I don’t think there’s a person in the world who believes Bush played a video game named “Desert Storm II” and proclaimed war to be “fantabulous” as part of his decision process.

“flash1015″ wrote: …I CAN also complain and argue hours on end about this film. But I won’t because it’s just a movie.


April 24, 2003 at 6:42 am #1415
Avatar of Cometgreen

“War. It’s fantastic.” – Hot Shots Part Deux

I didn’t mean it was extremely controversial, I just meant that it’s the first brickfilm (that I’ve seen) that has touched on issues like this before. I’m glad it won’t give us bad publicity like sex or drugs in a brickfilm could, but I do think we may start getting random *expletive deleted* to come in here and start some political debate. Basically what yolegoman was saying (I don’t understand his point either ;) ), but maybe a bit more extreme.

EDIT: And just to be a bit more clear, I think almost every brickfilm that touches on a new subject is considered controversial by some people. Mainly because normal folks aren’t used to seeing more mature themes being portrayed by kids’ toys. Hell, even Hali’s Good Company may be seen as controversial from some people. Or even Jared’s Dinopoop movie. ;)

Cometgreen, who just had to bring up Dinopoop :lol:

April 24, 2003 at 8:14 am #1418
Avatar of RevMen

I’ll go along with that, Cometgreen.

I’m still not ready to discuss the dinosaur movie, though.

April 24, 2003 at 11:34 am #1420
Avatar of Blunty

“Jason” wrote: Bluntman, I’m not even sure what to say … are you SERIOUSLY suggesting I can’t make a pinned topic wherever I want in my own forum that I own?

I’m not even sure where to begin, buddy.

what is it about me that makes people miss my point?
no, buddy (you seem to love to use that word in a derrogitory or sarcastic nature alot, or atleast that’s how it seems… have you noticed yourself doing that? weird little jason-ism)
I’m not suggesting you CAN’T, I’m suggesting, in the interest of leading by example, thet you probably SHOULDN’T.
using the power and privelage that comes with being the admin of “your own forum that you own” in this way – which is basically to simply to self congradulate your self, is not setting a good example of what you want from this community.
when you do something like this, the message you send out to the community is that you consider your personal project films worthy of pinning, while no one elses ever are. can you see why I find this to be an issue of more than “I’m paying for the bandwidth this forum uses (which I, and I’m sure the rest of us DO appretiate and respect – as I said in the first post) so I can do what I like” – this is SUPPOSED to be a friendly, fair community is it not?
and as far as posting it TWICE, once in the “wrong” forum, well, it’s another lead by example issue – you want people to keep this place tidy, and post in the appropreate forums yes? no? break your own rules all you like jason, won’t break my nose, this IS your place… just don’t get all pissy when you set poor precedents, and people follow suit… if it’s okay for us to post movies in the general discussion forum then say so, if it’s okay for us to post the exact same topic multiple times in various sections than say so, just don’t do one and say the other – that’s all that’s ironing the wrinckles out of my my Shar Pei today.

sorry to stray for so long offtopic.

/rant off

the movie;
well I have a few issues that hindered my underdstanding and enjoyment of this film. firstly I’ll have to admit to deliberatly ovoiding any indepth polittical coverage of this little war, I loathe the wrechedness of polittical “debate”, I’ll just sit here, and live my life, waiting pessimistically for knobs in suits to kill us all with their personal point scoring and greed for power and control.
seccondly, here in Australia there we don’t really see much of the american pollitical scene (sept for george dubbya) so many of the characters in this movie I was just like “huh? wonder who that is?”
the above two are my issues, and do not reflect on the film at all, it’s just what hindered my from understanding it fully.
Thirdly, the film hit me with two flavors, one was cheep pollitical humour, the “saddam and binladen are gay” thing is cheep, corny, and implys that they are “evil” becasue they are gay, OR they’re gay because they’re evil… not saying that’s the intent of it, just that is how it came off for me… atleast when they did almost the exact same joke in southpark it had some very funny gags to “take the edge off” and didn’t JUST make it about being “evil and gay”.
the seccond flavor was that of pure polittical propoganda, so much of it was not clever witty satire, (though some was quite clever) but instead simple cheap pot-shots at political figures, in an effort to make then look like twats. (that they probbably are) – it just felt more like “name calling” or “mud slinging” that actual satire.

maybe I’m just not aware of the idiosyncrasys of the individuals enough to “get it”?

the tech? – well at times the animation was very smooth, and then, seconds later is was jumping all over the shop…? compression issues? it WAS a rather low bitrate for a film at 640×480 – perhaps is you wanted to keep the file size low it would have been better to lower the res and keep a higher bitrate to preserv the image and motion quality?
lighting was very good, no complaints – I particullarly liked the dramatic floor lighing effect on the balding-glasses-wearing-dude (tii tired to remember name)
the voice acting was great, as were the sets – the oval office was fantabulus.(gratuitious bushism)

if it was cleverer that it was propogana-ish I would have liked it more, but it wasn’t.

April 24, 2003 at 12:17 pm #1421
Avatar of Yolegoman

*Yolegoman is officially leaving this descussion. He will no longer participate in it in any length or form* :shock:

April 24, 2003 at 2:03 pm #1429
Avatar of Tervuren

I never finnished it, watch the words you use in a brick film please!

I found the chem/bio/nukes going bye at his speech to be funny, its obvious we haven’t used bio or chem as weapons of mass destruction.

On the nukes, I feel that nuclear weapons have actualy done a lot to promote peace, were it not for nukes, we probably would have had a Russion/American war long ago.

I feel that our two uses of nukes saved Japenese and American lives.

Statistics on past battles, when the japenese would surrender accoridng to their statements…etc were carefully thought out. I don’t remember the exact estimate, but it was over a million lives that would be lost before Japan would surrender. Given the choice, our president chose to use these new weapons, and we have never had a “massive” war since.

April 24, 2003 at 3:46 pm #1430
Avatar of furthur

I appreciate this brickfilm tremendously for having actual coherent dialogue, read clearly by talented voice actors. That is a rare beast around here. I also respect it for tackling a new subject matter and for obviously having a well-written script. Despite that, I did think it dragged a bit in the middle. An action sequence of some kind would have split up the talking and been a nice change of pace.

On the matter of its politics, I think anything that stirs up controversy or pisses someone off is a good thing. Overall, I thought the jabs to be fairly mild, but in seeing the reactions the film got, I was pleased. I don’t understand the people who want to avoid controversy in brickfilms. If the same attitude were applied to cartoons (another “childish” medium) we would never have The Simpsons, South Park, or movies like “Princess Mononoke” or “Grave of the Fireflies.” A well made Star Wars homage is all fine, but I will immediately take notice of someone who pushes the envelope in a film. Can someone who is against “controversy” explain why they want to keep brickfilms on the straight and narrow?

April 24, 2003 at 3:47 pm #1431
Avatar of mrgraff

Sorry to get in so late on this…

Firstly, I have to partly agree with the pinning/sticky issue. At the very least it only makes sense to post this thread in this forum only. Although Jason may do as he wishes, it’s not like he makes a habit of making sticky all of his posts.

Also it’s important to point out that any mod (such as myself) can make a post sticky. In fact, I could delete this thread if I wanted to. How’s that for an abuse of power? :P

Secondly, and my interpretation may be way off, but I beleive the Hussein/Bin Laden couple scene was what Bish was dreaming about. A jab at some (not all, only a closed-minded minority) Republican’s insistence on equating homosexuality with evil. I seriously don’t believe that Jason shares that view.

Perhaps the transition to the dream sequence could have been made more obvious. It did seem like another cut to the Middle East like the vomit scene earlier in the film.

Overall, I liked it. And a few my co-workers overhearing it did too. (so we have some more converts to the world of brickfilm fandom) 8)
Thanks jason!

– mrgraff

April 24, 2003 at 4:09 pm #1433
Avatar of Yolegoman

*Continues struggling to not join the discussion* Grhhhh… Argghhhh….

I can’t do it… *Barely reaches Alt + F4 and exits before joining discussion again…* :P

April 24, 2003 at 5:05 pm #1435
Avatar of thedarksideoflego

(hehe i snuck on) I watched the film, dont have time to review my parents could show up home any second… but i want to say something. If you don’t remember Brickfilms is a dictatorship, what Jason says goes, whatever Jason does, you like it, or go somewhere else. Jason can do whatever he wants, it his place, put it this way, Brickfilms is a house, and Jason is the leader of the house, now Jason can say whatever he want, and tell you to do stuff, and kick you out, now in a house you can leave at anytime, so if you got a problem pick up your bags and leave dammit. This is Jason’s house! not your house, he pin post it notes all over the house if he wants he pays for the house, he maintains it, and he does try to be a good owner, now my suggestion is you stop your bitchen and listen to the owner of the house, or he will boot your ass out, see the analogy here, SEE it is his place, he baught it, if he wants to turn i into a casino, a hotel, ANYTHING, by golly he can!

now as for the film being controversial, COME ON! There is way worse people, and Jason owns the place, so he can place it at his desire, the only person holding more power in this then website then Jason, is his webmaster! Now lets stop our bitchen and get on with your lives, it’s Jason’s #$%@in house!

-Well that was fun, LONG LIVE THE KING and all that other stuff, i gotta go befoe parents get home :P

April 24, 2003 at 5:45 pm #1437
Avatar of Yolegoman

Sounds like you need to leave your parents house, Chris, if they won’t let you get on the comp. :P

Oh damn, I posted again. :roll

Edit/update: oh man, poor Jason… Rocketmen came out… Okay, I’ll watch it again (Can’t believe I am saying this :shock: ) and give you a review… that doesn’t mean that I agree with your views, though, Mr Rowoldt. ;)

Yolegoman :mischief

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