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    I think it Jason’s best movie yet. Very funny and a good example of breaking new brickfilming ground.

    Good stuff!


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    lol :lol:


    it’s seems awfully selfish of jason to pin this brief announcement of his new film, in BOTH the the general, AND the appropreate place

    The way I see it, he probably shouldn’t have put it in the General Discusion, but lighten up man! It’s HIS forums, on HIS site, which HE pays for!

    Jason: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Hi All!
    I’m gonna have to take both sides on this. I think that Jason has the right to do whatever he wants with his site, although I believe that if you want to find out what people really think of your movie, then you shouldn’t pin it at the top and let it just create arguments like this one. I guess it could be an announcement about brickfilms.com. I mean, it IS Brickfilms.com and this IS a movie from Brickfilms.com.
    It’s like this is a general discussion post!
    Maybe that’s why Jason posted it twice. Once in the posting section to get reviews, and another in the general section to get annoyed comments about where it’s posted!

    Oh well, it is your site. Do what you want with it!

    As for the movie, I loved it! Although I am a republican alongside Yolegoman and completely support Bush. Other than that, very nice!

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    “Jason” wrote: Yolegoman, I’m an independent … do you understand what that is?

    I am beginning to see things in a new light, however, lets put you in charge of the USA and then have terrorists attack the world trade center and Suddam Hussein refuse to hand over/destroy wepons of mass destruction, then see where you are! You wouldn’t be perfect either, when it comes to leadership!

    And about the pinned topic thing, you might be right about that also… when you said what you said that also put things in a new light.

    I dunno, this film is very controversial, Jason. There probably will never be an answer whether this brickfilm is “Right” or “Wrong” Politically.

    It was very disturbing, although very funny at the same time, to see you make fun of Bush.


    Edit: I just realized something: I am only 13 years old, yet still consider my self a republican, even though I can’t vote. :roll

    I guess it’s not that stupid, my Gf considers herself a republican.

    *Thinks back to joke she made about Clinton and laughs his head off*

    Edit 2: *Wonders how this film would have hit ground if he hadn;t double posted it, and got lotsa reviews instead of bein flamed?!?* :lol:

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    Man, I’ve been looking forward to this, especially since Monday when I saw the poster contest. Downloading now…

    Btw, isn’t this in the wrong forum? What makes it so special that it has to be an announcement? I know I sound like a jerk, but I get annoyed when admins abuse their power. But I must say you are one of the more sensible ones; on another board, the admin makes everyone of his topics (some of them personal) a sticky or announcement. It pisses the hell out of me. :x…:)

    Cometgreen, who moved this over from the General Discussion forum

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    I guess I too should clarify my stance. I liked the movie: the humor was pretty great (the bio-weapons behind Bush, anyone?) and the camera work was impeccible as always. What I guess I’m slightly dissapointed in was some of the comments and innuendos made. Condoleezza Rice enjoys special male-favored sports? Tony Blair is George W.’s b****? Not to mention the miniature Collin Powell monologue (with such terms as ‘two-dollar-ho’) and the twisted Sadaam-bin Laden love . It really detracted from the otherwise really funny political satire. I know that since it’s your forum and your site, you’re entitled to your views, but some ideas didn’t seem appropriate for the medium in which you presented them. Again, I love the film, it’s just the ideas which seem a little out-of-place.

    Also, as I type this, I found that there’s talk of politics and ‘voter rights’ kind of stuff. I’m a 27-year-old non-partisean voter.

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    Well I liked it, there were some “if-ie” parts I didn’t like but that just added to the fun humor of the flick.
    I love the white house set very realistic, the quick slide show of images were cheating, and cheney… for someone who wants “brains” he didn’t look very Zombie like. The characters are well put together..

    Nice film overall Jason.

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    Yeah, I watched this film a while ago and posted a tiny review, and at the time I liked it. But then I watched it again and read some of the other posts. I agree with Yolego on this one. There is too many controversial points to this movie. When making a lego movie, you shouldn’t include things that you know will piss some people off. (i’m not pissed!) Now, it this were a flic of Clinton, it would be funnier, but with the whole Bush thing, bad timing.
    :? he he . . . I mean . . . Do whatever you want, Jason! I loved your movie!You’re so cool!
    *pleasedon’tgetkickedoff*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff . . . . . .

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    All right, watched it, here’s my “review”:

    *spoilers…have we forgotten about this little tag?*

    Yes, controversial indeed. I thought it was pretty funny, though a few things went a bit over the line, and some things just weren’t very funny. I must applaud the man who did Bush, he was spot on for most of it. I still don’t know why the girl (forgot her name) has a beard, but I’ll leave that subject alone.

    I wish you would have done more with Cheney. I didn’t really like the zombie thing, I’m much more of a “Cheney’s being remote control operated” gag. I think that could have done pretty well in lego.

    The animation was very iffy at certain parts. I don’t know if this is due to compression or not. But I liked the sets. I think the figs waved their arms a bit too much while talking, at least with a few characters.

    Overall, good movie. Not brilliant, and not hilarious, but good. Some good laughs, and it’s nice we have a political comedy entering our domain. At least it’s not as controversial as sex or drugs. Easily the best movie I’ve seen from you yet.

    *end the forgotten spoiler tag*

    When talking about politics, I don’t take sides. I only think of them during elections (at least when I get old enough I will), and at that point, I’ll vote for who I think would make the better leader, not just because of the party he is on.

    Cometgreen, who sometimes calls himself a Marxist :oops:

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    Really good film, Jason! There was some great voice acting in there. I was especially impressed with GW Bush’s voice. At the very beginning, I thought for a second that you were using actual sound footage from a press conference.

    And it was really funny, though I think it got less funny as it went on. I thought the TV address was hillarious. The Osama-Saddam scene was also funny, but it just seemed too drawn out to me.

    “…the best strategery is a presumptuous strike.” That was very funny, both because of the wording and the actor’s excellent execution.

    “…and we cannot allow a country that has used these weapons before…” as the guy with the nuke rolls by was also very funny. The one complaint that I thought I would hear more of leading up to the war was that the only country in the world to have ever popped nukes (and, incidentally, that possesses more nukes than anyone else) was making such a big deal about another country trying to get just one. I’m not trying to be political here, I’m just pointing out that I was happy to see this joke because I didn’t see much of it before the war.

    The sets were great and the animation was good enough. This isn’t really a visual type of movie, so that’s not so important. The music was good, fitting in very well with the theme.

    I think this film would have been a lot funnier if I had seen it at the time it’s supposed to be taking place. Watching it after the war has started and all but finished definitely takes away from its effect. Oh well, I still laughed, and that’s certainly worth something.

    The Axis of Evil reject list was priceless.

    Good job. And my compliments to your cast and to you for assembling them.

    I know better than this, but here I go anyway. In order of original authorship….

    “Yolegoman” wrote: I am beginning to see things in a new light, however, lets put you in charge of the USA and then have terrorists attack the world trade center and Suddam Hussein refuse to hand over/destroy wepons of mass destruction, then see where you are! You wouldn’t be perfect either, when it comes to leadership!

    You wrote this in response to “I’m an independent…do you understand what that is?” What you wrote is 1) a knee jerk reaction, 2) an appeal to emotion, and 3) nowhere close to answering the question.

    “Yolegoman” wrote: I dunno, this film is very controversial, Jason. There probably will never be an answer whether this brickfilm is “Right” or “Wrong” Politically.

    This film made no attempt at being “Right Politically” (It was “Left,” wasn’t it? ;)), it made an attempt at being “Funny Satirically” and it succeeded.

    “Bluntman” wrote: Hey Jason, is it really necessary to pin this topic up and in two separate forums?

    No, you didn’t say that, but it’s probably all that was needed.

    “zirkusaffe” wrote: Very funny and a good example of breaking new brickfilming ground.

    I agree!

    “Yolegoman, austinsurge, natethegreat86, and cometgreen” wrote: …controversial…

    If you want controversial humor, you should check out Spacemoose. Guys, I don’t even own a working TV and I’ve heard all of these jokes before (except VP Cheney as a brain-eating zombie, that one was new to me). Rice with lesbian tendencies, Jenna Bush the lush, Colin Powell the token black guy, Bush the dumb guy who makes up or misuses words, Bush the warmonger, even Saddam engaged in dysfunctional homosexual relationships with other extremely evil characters (seen the Southpark movie?), these are all standard jokes, enjoyed the world over (well, the country anyway) by liberals and conservatives alike.

    I don’t mean to say the film is unoriginal, I’m just trying to put things in perspective. For there to be controversy there needs to be a dispute. I don’t think there’s a person in the world who believes Bush played a video game named “Desert Storm II” and proclaimed war to be “fantabulous” as part of his decision process.

    “flash1015″ wrote: …I CAN also complain and argue hours on end about this film. But I won’t because it’s just a movie.


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