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    I think it Jason’s best movie yet. Very funny and a good example of breaking new brickfilming ground.

    Good stuff!





    lol 😆


    it’s seems awfully selfish of jason to pin this brief announcement of his new film, in BOTH the the general, AND the appropreate place

    The way I see it, he probably shouldn’t have put it in the General Discusion, but lighten up man! It’s HIS forums, on HIS site, which HE pays for!

    Jason: 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



    Hi All!
    I’m gonna have to take both sides on this. I think that Jason has the right to do whatever he wants with his site, although I believe that if you want to find out what people really think of your movie, then you shouldn’t pin it at the top and let it just create arguments like this one. I guess it could be an announcement about brickfilms.com. I mean, it IS Brickfilms.com and this IS a movie from Brickfilms.com.
    It’s like this is a general discussion post!
    Maybe that’s why Jason posted it twice. Once in the posting section to get reviews, and another in the general section to get annoyed comments about where it’s posted!

    Oh well, it is your site. Do what you want with it!

    As for the movie, I loved it! Although I am a republican alongside Yolegoman and completely support Bush. Other than that, very nice!



    “Jason” wrote: Yolegoman, I’m an independent … do you understand what that is?

    I am beginning to see things in a new light, however, lets put you in charge of the USA and then have terrorists attack the world trade center and Suddam Hussein refuse to hand over/destroy wepons of mass destruction, then see where you are! You wouldn’t be perfect either, when it comes to leadership!

    And about the pinned topic thing, you might be right about that also… when you said what you said that also put things in a new light.

    I dunno, this film is very controversial, Jason. There probably will never be an answer whether this brickfilm is “Right” or “Wrong” Politically.

    It was very disturbing, although very funny at the same time, to see you make fun of Bush.


    Edit: I just realized something: I am only 13 years old, yet still consider my self a republican, even though I can’t vote. :roll

    I guess it’s not that stupid, my Gf considers herself a republican.

    *Thinks back to joke she made about Clinton and laughs his head off*

    Edit 2: *Wonders how this film would have hit ground if he hadn;t double posted it, and got lotsa reviews instead of bein flamed?!?* 😆



    Man, I’ve been looking forward to this, especially since Monday when I saw the poster contest. Downloading now…

    Btw, isn’t this in the wrong forum? What makes it so special that it has to be an announcement? I know I sound like a jerk, but I get annoyed when admins abuse their power. But I must say you are one of the more sensible ones; on another board, the admin makes everyone of his topics (some of them personal) a sticky or announcement. It pisses the hell out of me. :x…:)

    Cometgreen, who moved this over from the General Discussion forum



    Well I liked it, there were some “if-ie” parts I didn’t like but that just added to the fun humor of the flick.
    I love the white house set very realistic, the quick slide show of images were cheating, and cheney… for someone who wants “brains” he didn’t look very Zombie like. The characters are well put together..

    Nice film overall Jason.



    Yeah, I watched this film a while ago and posted a tiny review, and at the time I liked it. But then I watched it again and read some of the other posts. I agree with Yolego on this one. There is too many controversial points to this movie. When making a lego movie, you shouldn’t include things that you know will piss some people off. (i’m not pissed!) Now, it this were a flic of Clinton, it would be funnier, but with the whole Bush thing, bad timing.
    😕 he he . . . I mean . . . Do whatever you want, Jason! I loved your movie!You’re so cool!
    *pleasedon’tgetkickedoff*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff*pleasedon’tgetkickedoff . . . . . .



    I’ll go along with that, Cometgreen.

    I’m still not ready to discuss the dinosaur movie, though.



    *Yolegoman is officially leaving this descussion. He will no longer participate in it in any length or form* 😯



    I never finnished it, watch the words you use in a brick film please!

    I found the chem/bio/nukes going bye at his speech to be funny, its obvious we haven’t used bio or chem as weapons of mass destruction.

    On the nukes, I feel that nuclear weapons have actualy done a lot to promote peace, were it not for nukes, we probably would have had a Russion/American war long ago.

    I feel that our two uses of nukes saved Japenese and American lives.

    Statistics on past battles, when the japenese would surrender accoridng to their statements…etc were carefully thought out. I don’t remember the exact estimate, but it was over a million lives that would be lost before Japan would surrender. Given the choice, our president chose to use these new weapons, and we have never had a “massive” war since.

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