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    I appreciate this brickfilm tremendously for having actual coherent dialogue, read clearly by talented voice actors. That is a rare beast around here. I also respect it for tackling a new subject matter and for obviously having a well-written script. Despite that, I did think it dragged a bit in the middle. An action sequence of some kind would have split up the talking and been a nice change of pace.

    On the matter of its politics, I think anything that stirs up controversy or pisses someone off is a good thing. Overall, I thought the jabs to be fairly mild, but in seeing the reactions the film got, I was pleased. I don’t understand the people who want to avoid controversy in brickfilms. If the same attitude were applied to cartoons (another “childish” medium) we would never have The Simpsons, South Park, or movies like “Princess Mononoke” or “Grave of the Fireflies.” A well made Star Wars homage is all fine, but I will immediately take notice of someone who pushes the envelope in a film. Can someone who is against “controversy” explain why they want to keep brickfilms on the straight and narrow?



    Sorry to get in so late on this…

    Firstly, I have to partly agree with the pinning/sticky issue. At the very least it only makes sense to post this thread in this forum only. Although Jason may do as he wishes, it’s not like he makes a habit of making sticky all of his posts.

    Also it’s important to point out that any mod (such as myself) can make a post sticky. In fact, I could delete this thread if I wanted to. How’s that for an abuse of power? 😛

    Secondly, and my interpretation may be way off, but I beleive the Hussein/Bin Laden couple scene was what Bish was dreaming about. A jab at some (not all, only a closed-minded minority) Republican’s insistence on equating homosexuality with evil. I seriously don’t believe that Jason shares that view.

    Perhaps the transition to the dream sequence could have been made more obvious. It did seem like another cut to the Middle East like the vomit scene earlier in the film.

    Overall, I liked it. And a few my co-workers overhearing it did too. (so we have some more converts to the world of brickfilm fandom) 8)
    Thanks jason!

    — mrgraff



    *Continues struggling to not join the discussion* Grhhhh… Argghhhh….

    I can’t do it… *Barely reaches Alt + F4 and exits before joining discussion again…* 😛



    Sounds like you need to leave your parents house, Chris, if they won’t let you get on the comp. 😛

    Oh damn, I posted again. :roll

    Edit/update: oh man, poor Jason… Rocketmen came out… Okay, I’ll watch it again (Can’t believe I am saying this 😯 ) and give you a review… that doesn’t mean that I agree with your views, though, Mr Rowoldt. 😉

    Yolegoman :mischief


    Mr. Less

    why is politics the source of almost every argument? 🙁 Screw it.

    Well a matter a fact i must admit its basicly the same as a saturday night live sketch.



    Regarding the debate over the appropriateness of this film, I think RevMen already said most of what I wanted to say. Yolegoman, I can’t quite understand how you find this film “disturbing.” This is political satire—-dissent. I see no reason why it should be fine to make fun of Clinton, but “disturbing” to parody Bush. The viewer chooses to agree or disagree with the perspective of the movie–the film is not “right” or “wrong” in itself.
    Following is my actual long-winded review of the film.
    As many people have said before, comedy is one of the most difficult things to execute. In this case, I think Jason did a fairly good job of it. The writing was pretty good for the most part. It’s true that much of the same topical territory has been figuratively trod on before, but it would have been difficult to do otherwise. The comic timing wasn’t always spot-on, but wasn’t too bad either. I didn’t quite understand Cheney’s fixation with brains, however, and I don’t think that the Saddam-Osama scene (dream sequence?) worked very well. I enjoyed the visual gags, especially the “Gulf War II: Daddy’s Revenge” game cartridge.
    The voice acting was the best aspect of the movie. G. Bush was particularly good, with “George go to bed.” It’s too bad there weren’t more scenes with Condoleezza. Powell was also fairly good. The other voices varied. Sets were done nicely, with good integration of the graphic elements. I did note the “Reaganomics” trapdoor.
    Minifigs were chosen well. Condoleezza did look a little strange, and I thought that Rumsfeld minifig looked more like Cheney and vice versa, though this is just my personal opinion. A minor note: Bush’s hair is actually gray—but then there are very few gray Lego hairpieces in circulation.
    The quality of the animation itself seemed to be only so-so. The hand movements were not too smooth, and the wheeling of the weapons carts seemed very jerky. There was also a bit of set movement. Sometimes I think there could have been more background sounds, besides just the dialog, especially during the “Gulf War II” gaming.
    Overall, a pretty good film, which provides a good bit of amusement, especially to one critical of the Bush administration, and opens a new genre in brickfilms.
    Just my two dinars.



    Maybe what we are all trying to say is, let me put it in this scenario:

    If this was a “Household” (meaning brickfilms.com) Jason would be our “father”.

    Now, your “real” dad does stuff like not let you watch a certain Tv show, for example, yet he watches it himself when your in bed. :roll .

    As your dad, he has the power to do that.

    You would defintely respect your dad more if he didn’t let U watch that Tv show, AND didn’t watch it himself, but that’s just life, your dad likes to do that kind of stuff.

    Jason, as our Brickfilms “Father” can make a topic sticky, in all the forums if he so chooses, and not let us do the same thing, because it’s his “House” he pays for your room and board here at the forums he adds your films to the directory, or the person he has given authority to do so does.

    Now, you can yell at your real dad, be angry at him or whatever you choose, but that doesn’t mean he will let you watch the Tv show. It may even mean you will be grounded. 😉

    Basically, if you don’t like the rules of the household, as Darksideoflego said, then leave, pay your own room and board somewhere else, get adopted by Coolbrickmoves.com or just get a life and don’t come back. 🙂

    Some are going to quote my earlier post, but I have changed my mind, I think this is the ideal solution for what Jason did, the reason I mean, so if you don’t like it run away or just clam up, or complain about it and Annoy Jason, you won’t change his mind unless you appeal the right way, as my dad is always saying. It’s a bit late for that though, we’ve all already lashed out at him. Better luck next time, guys. 🙂




    Ahh, yess, with great power comes great responsibility, yeeeesssssss. A rift, I sense in the forums…



    Good example you’re setting here, yolegoman. If you don’t like what your father does, then run away. Nice morals. 😉




    “Cometgreen” wrote: Good example you’re setting here, yolegoman. If you don’t like what your father does, then run away. Nice morals. 😉


    Hell, everyone has ran away at one time or another, or will someday. 😉

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