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    After a little prodding from over here, I’ve decided to start another of these handy little mass introduction threads, since the last one is about a year and a half old. It’s pretty much (exactly) the same as the last one.

    Anyway, this thread is for people to introduce themselves in, instead of each person starting their own topic. You don’t have to be new to tell us about yourself either. However, this thread is for introductions only! No hijacking the thread and changing the topic.

    now then, let us commence with the merriments and whatnot.

    I’m WhiteDragon. I joined the brickfilms forums on November 3, 2002, back when we were using the old ezboard forum and Jason owned the site. I’ve made several films, all of which can be found in the directory or on my website, which hasn’t been updated in ages :oops:

    My other hobbies/time eating activities include watching/ready for too much anime and manga to be healthy, technical theater, Improving my DDR scores, and wasting time on my (rather lame) computer.

    Personal info (if you are a terrorist out to kidnap me, please ignore this):
    Age: 18
    Location: Indiana for now, but California for the summer (and then back to IN for college)
    Picture: Bad angle, but not too bad :shrug:

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    I understand that people wanted a thread like this, but I think that there might be a few issues with it.

    First of all, the title makes it difficult for people to recognize the purpose of the thread. On top of that, many newcomers don’t bother to read a whole lot of threads before they proceed to make their own posts. Chances are that many of the types who make “I’m new here” threads are also the types that don’t look around enough to discover a thread like this.

    Most importantly, unless this thread is turned into a sticky, it will drift behind in the order. What if we don’t have new people for awhile? This thread will die out, and then the chances of a new person findiing it will be very slim.

    EDIT: Well, everything now seems to be in order. :wink

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    Title updated to make it a little more user friendly.

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    Well, why not? :wink

    My real name’s Andreas Basurto, but here at Brickfilms, I’m known as IceMan.
    Age: 15
    Location: Lodi, California
    I joined Brickfilms on October 28, 2004, but I knew about Brickfilms a couple months before. -I couldn’t join earlier due to upgrading from our old Windows 98 to a Windows XP.
    I’ve made several brickfilms/tests and recently I made one worthy of being viewed. :wink
    Some of my other hobbies are playing computer games (for example: Motocross Madness 2, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the Jedi Knight series, Liero, etc.), shootin’ hoops with friends, reading suspence novals, and watching old funny movies starring Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, Bob Hope & Bing Crosby, etc.
    -And there hasn’t been a picture of me posted on the net….yet.

    -IceMan, who likes keeping the suspence.

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    I guess I’ll jump on the band wagon cause all the cool kids are doing it.
    My real name is Curtis Mutter but I’m known around any forum that I am on as Yodablob.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Location: Canada
    I joined on June 8th 2003 but like Iceman I knew about brickfilms for a few months before.
    I’ve made a few brickfilms but only two of them were worthy of submitting to the films page ( http://www.brickfilms.com/filmview.php?filmID=1670 ) the other one is currently being reviewed but I’ll edit this post when its done.
    I enjoy long walks on beaches and staying up to watch the sun come up.
    seriously though I spend all my time filming and playing my sega genesis (Sonic rules!) and my sega saturn ( NiGHTS into DREAMS rules!)

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    My name is Daluncabastatatuni Jabafadistonpuniwalla of the Poo Poo NuNu tribe. Or you can call me Da D.J. 8-)

    Age: 12 in a few weeks.
    Location: Troy, Michigan
    Gender: Male

    I get buried in snow… Hey, did you know MI just had the 8th snowyest winter in all of history! :shock: I have a tough school. Were doing tenth grade geometry…in sixth grade! :evil I like playing around with lego’s, brickfilming, reading spams… stuff.

    EDIT: I think I’m the youngest person here. :what?:

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    From a new member’s point of view: “D’uh…what’s ‘DeLurk’? Ooh, a lego that blinks red and beige!”

    My Name is What? My name is who? My name is…

    Age: Chronological or Social?
    Location: <—Do I need to say this again?
    Gender: Well, either I’m masculine or feminine, or maybe homo/metro/bi/trans/etc. Oh, you mean sex.

    Look to my profile, lazy @$$h0L3.

    Edit: I was introduce to brickfilming while I was a freshmen in high school. A friend of mine in Dragonflicks (the name for our Art/Film class, formerly a club) showed me his lego version of the subway fight scene in The Matrix. That inspired me to start doing stop motion animation. I came across the old brickfilms site (back when there was only 20 or so brickfilms posted at the site). I browsed it for a bit, downloaded the films (it was a long wait). I came back to it a year later and puff the site had changed (obviously, a new owner). I wasn’t familiar with the whole forum so I didn’t sign up or anything until much later. One of the most memorable first few brickfilms I downloaded was ZGR. Well, after graduation, I had nothing to do except wait for college to start. I spent most of my time playing Galactic Battlegrounds and revising my Lego Wars film. It was then I decided to join the brickfilm forum in order to show my work. I’ll let you all look at the film discussion of my first posted brickfilms on your own.

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    name: mark, a.k.a. skudmunky,
    age. 16
    location. ma, usa.
    gender. male.
    joined. 11 months ago.

    and have had fun since. i’ve made a couple of decent films, some of which are in the directory. anyways, i’m done. look at my profile if you want more.


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    age: 14 this may 23rd

    Location: ALabama

    gender: male

    My username is my bandname.
    I love nintendo.

    My favorite games are:

    The legend of Zelda series

    Pikmin 1 & 2

    Starwars series

    Mario series

    Need for speed series



    and other “cool” games.

    I am chosen1 or Xchosen1X on all other forums so if you recognize me
    give a PM or a post. I am seen in the lego community forums, Ldraw , and Elysiun forums. I do go to some others but this is my main.
    I am the most popular kid in my school so naturely I am a people person.

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    Name: Joel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14, 15 Nov 21

    I found this site, a good while ago, can’t remember when, before it was all spiffy. Always been interested in Animating (saw Lego Magic Portal when i was about 8-9 yo). Amped finally convinced me to sign up here this year.

    Interests Other than Brickfilmin: Tennis, CounterStrike: Source, Rollerblading.

    Oh yeah, location: Ballarat, Victoria Australia (superbly cold… but hardly ever any snow :cry: )


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