A Nice Little Place to DeLurk V2.0 (Introduce yourself here)

After a little prodding from over here, I've decided to start another of these handy little mass introduction threads, since the last one is about a year and a half old. It's pretty much (exactly) the same as the last one.

Anyway, this thread is for people to introduce themselves in, instead of each person starting their own topic. You don't have to be new to tell us about yourself either. However, this thread is for introductions only! No hijacking the thread and changing the topic.

now then, let us commence with the merriments and whatnot.

I'm WhiteDragon. I joined the brickfilms forums on November 3, 2002, back when we were using the old ezboard forum and Jason owned the site. I've made several films, all of which can be found in the directory or on my website, which hasn't been updated in ages :oops:

My other hobbies/time eating activities include watching/ready for too much anime and manga to be healthy, technical theater, Improving my DDR scores, and wasting time on my (rather lame) computer.

Personal info (if you are a terrorist out to kidnap me, please ignore this):
Age: 18
Location: Indiana for now, but California for the summer (and then back to IN for college)
Picture: Bad angle, but not too bad :shrug: