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    Rsteenoven, you seem to be taking the job of welcming everyone! Keep going :) .
    Also, AJV, how can you have gotten the lego studios set 8 years ago? It wasn’t out in ’99?

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    Hi, Im Chris, I joined in october
    I come from Carp,ON and am in gr 10
    I have been making brickfilms for a while but never oined a community before, so… here I am

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    I’ve been here for a little while. I’m Lego Shark. Most of you will know me from the Brothers- Brick Lego Blog. I have made a few brickfilms, most of them short, and i have all of my major (and some not major) on my youtube accunt, LegoSharkProductions. I’m in 7th grade and I live in california

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    RP Hoogle

    You’re from Brothers Brick? Oh cool. Nice blog. Welcome.

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    High five, Hasher. How far are you from Elk Lake?


    Hey Hasher. No hash around here, but there is some useful advice and friendly members. Have fun!

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    Name: The Doctor

    Real Name: Justin Letchford (google for that and you get over 3,000 results all me! exept two)

    Age: 16 (i can drive now hurray!!! hang on, me driving is a bad thing)

    Occupation: Brain washing (high school, home high school)

    Hobbies: short films and digital effects (i can punch myself)

    Country: Austraila

    State: New South Wales

    City: Wagga Wagga

    Suburb: Flower dale

    Street: Swan Street

    House number: 1

    Room: the shed

    Bed: lower left bunk

    To much information: yes

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    Hi, I’m spudster45. And I live in IDAHO!!!! :D

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    Night Owl

    I knew it!
    Idaho = potatoland.

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    Yeah. And SPUDster45 :wink Oh, and I’m also a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

Viewing 10 posts - 241 through 250 (of 382 total)

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