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    Introductions, introductions…wow…there’s an echo…

    Name: Kim Gohlich
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Location: Hamburg, Germany…at the moment…for most of my life I lived in NSW, Australia.

    I’ve actually been a regular visitor to Brickfilms.com for many, many years, but I only joined in April, and have only now decided to REALLY become a part of the community.

    I got into brickfilming about 7 years ago when my dad bought our first webcam…I was a fan of lego so I began playing around. The result, whilst technically a brickfilm, was pretty bad…and yeah…

    Is there anything else? Hmmm….

    Nope, that’s it for now.

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    “RP Hoogle” wrote: You’re from Brothers Brick? Oh cool. Nice blog. Welcome.

    He’s not actually from Brother’s Brick, he just comments a lot on there.

    -Littlebrick, marking what he believe to be his very first post in this thread.

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    Hello, I’m CJ Inzana aka CJ Studios, and i know someone else has CJ Studios already, but i didn’t know that until today, i’ve been using it forever so he has a space and i don’t ^_^
    anyway, i enjoy making stopmotion videos, even though this is my second serious week of doing it, i recently quit making movies from video games(not gameplay, actual movies) and began stop motion animation.

    I live in B-way Pennsylvania, and i’m 16 in 10th grade, one of the smartest but prbly laziest kids in my school.

    anything else, just ask.

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    Movie Blazer

    Huh. Might as well add on too. I’m Movie Blazer, but in real life(you know, where the sun is and all of the glowing computer screens are NOT!) I’m known as Logan Schultz. I’m 15 and can be found in western IOWA, Though Me and My studio partner Matthew Nemmers, and all of the other workers hail from Lego Planet 8675309. (yes like the song. they got the idea from us.) Freshman this year in high school, though for some reason I rule the school. I’m not a bully, yet i don’t get homework, get free stuff, and never get in trouble (though i probably should.) I guess life is just good now. Any way…I found Brickfilms.com about half a year ago, and moved from making lego movies with my hands to stop motion. But i never registered because i was too lazy and never saw the CREATE ACCOUNT HERE button. Go figure. Made a few movies, and am working on a short called The Bench. So far so good. PM me for more info if you need it, or just wanna here me talk more about myself. wait. Summing up:
    1: Logan Schultz
    2:15 and Freshman
    3: studio partner-Matt Nem.
    4: West IA
    5: Good life
    6: The Bench
    7: PM me for more
    Got all that?!? GOOD FOR YOU! L8R 8-) :!:

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    haha i did that too, last year i found it and i watched videos, and even contacted some members, and could not for the life of me figure out how to join, then yestday i saw the register thing in the corner. ^_^”

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    Welcome guys :D

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    G’day folks!

    I go by Lackadaisical, in my life I go by Roger. 17 years old wishing I was 7 again, probably why I’m here. Concord, MA, or the place where the British got served, HD Thoreau, RW Emerson, Alcotts, Hawthorne. I found this site January 3rd and Lego’s have been with me for 15 years. I do not have really any online presence in the Lego community to speak of so far.


    …sittin on the dock of bay

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    Welcome, Roger. You wouldn’t happen to be a shrubber, would you? I’m glad to see a newbie that’s not totally ignorant. You are most welcome here. ¡Bienvenidos a Brickfilms!

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    Thanks and Yes, shrubberies are my trade. I am a shrubber. My name is Roger the Shrubber. I arrange, design, and sell shrubberies.

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    Name:wtfMatt F
    Gender:well I’ve never seen a girl named Matthew
    Location: New Bedford Massachussets
    Skill/Experience:absolutely none

    I was inspired by Blunty, or on youtube Blunty300. I think he’s a really cool guy and he has some good videos.

    Once I get a webcam I’ll take a shot at making a little lego film :)

    I have a question, does anyone know why anasazi sma won’t work on windows visa(which sucks)

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