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    Stop Motion

    I just uploaded my film last night. Whew! Great to be over that learning curve. :D It was a good experience. :D

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    Just finished my entry!
    Next step: uploading the film…

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    Thanks to David West and Shootin’ Bricks for the answers!

    Good thing to know I have a bit more time… I started to worry.
    I couldn’t animate for some weeks (my computer kept crashing, I didn’t find the source of the problem;I had to buy a new computer for this!!), that’s why I am in a hurry right now. Good thing I got Friday and Monday off.

    Phew, I worked about 10 hours on the film today, and in a few moments I’ll continue until deep night. ;) I still didn’t lose hope to finish it in time.

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    I have also finished my film today.
    It was a hard work and took more time than I expected (not much sleep in the last days … thanks for extending the deadline …).
    I am happy to read in this forum that so many German brickfilmers have joined the contest – greeting to all of you!

    For all Germans that have not already uploaded: I think 07:00 on tuesday morning (German time) should be the deadline.

    Dirk (Boettcher Productions).

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    David West

    “RevMen” wrote: Basically I need to have access to your film at the deadline. That means if you need to upload at the last minute, you should ask me for access to the ftp account, so you can get it uploaded and send me an e-mail telling me it’s there. After the deadline, I’ll close off the ftp account. If you insist on using archive.org, you’ll have to plan ahead.

    The deadline is February 16th, midnight my time (Denver)

    What if you’ve never used an ftp account in your life and have no idea what to do, but your film still needs a little work so it won’t be uploaded until the 16th? Could you, under those circumstances, use archive? Or will you have to figure out how to use an ftp?

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    Internet Explorer has a built in FTP browser. It sux but it works and it’s easy.

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    David West

    Do you know how I can access it?

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    I’m sure that Revmen will give you detailed instructions if you ask him for a temporary ftp account, or you could come into the chat and ask.



    There’s like 12 hours left David, I recomend you just create an account at domaindlx.com and upload it there. It’s fast free and easy. (plus unlimited bandwidth, 100mb of space, and files sizes up to 100mb) The only downside is for downloading it is mediocer speed. On cable it’s about 2mb a minute.

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    David West

    Thanks LB, but I figured out how to use the internet explorer ftp browser and I got the username and password from Rev. Now all I need to do is put the last few finishing touches on my film and I’m all done and ready to upload. And I still have 18 hours! :D

Viewing 10 posts - 161 through 170 (of 287 total)

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