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    Yes, I’ve already started thinking about a maximum MB/min limit. I did my best to compress some of these huge films myself, but they all came in within a few hours of the deadline. I’ll see if I can’t get some more compression going tonight for our dial-uppers.

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    Hopefully the blizzard of films and their comments being added to the forums will not influence the selection committee. I actually think we all should have waited until afterwards – or at least try and get the voters to abstain from reading all the reviews/spoilers/comments until after they vote.

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    We had the same thoughts after the films were released for WOW. To get the purest, most fair judging, the films wouldn’t be released until the winners had been decided. But nobody wants to wait that long to see the films or to talk about them. I think it’s an acceptable imperfection in the system, just as long as everyone’s careful with spoilers. After all, the primary purpose of the contest is to encourage the creation of more and better films for everyone to enjoy.

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    Thank goodness for the minute/MB thing for next time. It looks like most of the films have huge file sizes this time around. There was one film that was under a minute, and it was 11 MB. :roll I enjoyed the film, but it should have been a 5 minute download, not 50. Sadly, I didn’t get an entry in this contest, but I am working on a new film.


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    Lieberman Bros.

    WOW! Some of the films were extremely well done! Good job to everyone who entered and GL to all!

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    the RIDICULOUS file sizes of a LOT of these movies really makes me FURIOUS, it’s not like we haven’t answered the “question” of efficient codec usage MANY times in the the last month alone. it’s not like programs like helix producer, or realanime make it HARD…

    it is taking me DAYS, yes that’s DAYS plural of CONSTANT downloading, to download all the entries over 56k. under normal, non competition circumatances I wouldn’t even BOTHER Dling files this big.

    anyone with a file in excess of 3m/minute (STILL excessive) will NOT be recieving a review from me… I encourage others to follow my example and try to FINALLY HAMMER the massage home!

    I stongly believe stupidity should be fatal.

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    Although I am on a very fast connection, I totally agree with Bluntman. Its ridiculous to download a 70MB file thats gives 1:30mins of movie. BUT I think the 3MB/min in general is a bit harsh.

    for 320×240 its WAY to much. (here around 1.2MB/min would do)
    for 640×480 it might be a little to less since you already hit the roof with 4MB/min if your
    scenes contain much information (e.g. Snow :) )

    The next contest definitely needs a datarate/resolution limit.

    On an afterthought people that want to submit a 640×480 movie should be requireed to also submit a more dialup-friendly 320×240 version


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    “dewfilms” wrote:
    Does anybody else notice a sound problem on a lot of the APE entries or is it just me??? 😕

    Is it squeaky (Sounds like its underwater) ?

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