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    Maybe you got a “surround” setting working, like CMSS (soundblaster) or WOW (windows media player) or else.
    Those “enhancements” can produce out of phase sound, making them odd and hard to listen to. They shall be disabled.

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    I guess I can understand the temptation to release your film with a huge file size. You work for hours and hours, worry about focus and lighting and then you watch your first compression test and say YUCK! In a lot of my first renders, the mysterious hand never even showed up…. It’s STILL missing in one spot in city street pull-back. So I had to double the hand-frames and it ruined the smoothness of the move. Oh well, it’s a limitation of the medium.
    For those of you who liked the X-ray effect.. you should see it at 640×480!

    For you folks who released 50MB or larger files, you need to realize that there are a LOT of people who will NEVER see your movies! Why go to all that effort and then restrict your audience like that? You only have to get burned by a long download/crummy movie a few times before you start to think twice about clicking a link.

    I’m in favor of releasing TWO files – Low and High bandwidth sizes.

    The day will arrive when we are all on super-fast fiber-optic lines. But until then, please be considerate of our friends on dial-up!

    Bluntman, keep preachin it!


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    I know my filesize is too big, but at least the film over 11 minutes long.
    When I have the time, I’m gonna work myself through compression and make a better version of “About a Door”.
    Just before the deadline, I didn’t have any time. I’m glad I turned the 80MB version to a 50MB one…


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    Perhaps someone with a fast internet connection (or even the admin) can recompress the films

    I compressed many of these films, most of them in the last few hours before the deadline. If you see multiple versions of a film, one huge and one small RM, chances are I did the small RM.

    It was a serious pain. I WILL impose a compression requirement in the next contest (you will be required to have at least one reasonably sized version of your film). In fact, I may impose a requirement that you meet a specific format AND bitrate. Maybe everyone will be required to submit a 450 kb/s RM file.

    In the case of Holgor’s film, I was only able to reduce it to about 40 MB before losing too much quality. Holgor will need to reszie it to 320×240 before he can get a decent file size.

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    David West

    I to don’t understand why people have such hard times with compression. I used Helix Producer to compress my 27MB, 1:12 second film that I tried to submit. Using 150 kbps I got the file size to 1.3MB and – get this – the image quality turned out IMO better than it had been uncompressed. It removed much of the noise from the lowlight scenes. Its not like its hard to compress, simply open up a film, select the audience and other stuff, hit encode, and wait for it to render. Simple.

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    Amen, David.

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    Anybody know when the finalists are supposed to be announced?


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    Most likely when the lazy people charged with nominating the entries (like me) get around to actually submitting them to Rev. :wink

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    Jamesfm – any update on the submittal date? Even my better half is starting to ask “when will you know something about your movie”

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