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    Great Idea, RevMen!

    Is the story to be original, or can it be adapted from somwhere else (short stories, etc.)?

    I see theres no time limit this time, so lets hope most people compress their films wisely. 😈


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    I think adaptations are fine as long as you’re not steering into copyright trouble. It will get hard to include “Hey, that’s my monkey!” though 😉


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    This will be fun!After I’m done with Computer Savvy,I’m gonna work on my entrie!
    I have a great idea for the monkey scene………….

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    My hopes have been confirmed, thank you Josh. Thanks a ton to Esmerelda and Kim for creating the “Sister” prizes. Perhaps, I may stand a chance at winning a prize this time, but it’s doubtful. I am, however, a master of the etrange…

    Also, what would be the age limit for the Sister’s prizes (Please don’t say 18, please keep James out of it….)

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    How many entries are we allowed to send in,Revmen?(What’s etrange? 😕 )

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    i’m supposed not make the flick available to public prior to the deadline – right ? .. how am i going to do this when i upload it to the archive …
    you know what i mean? or should i upload it to the brickfilms server instead?

    If you want to use archive, it’s understood that it will be impossible for you to keep your film truly private. As long as you wait until closer to the deadline (first week in February, maybe) to upload it, and don’t tell anyone (except me, of course) that you’ve uploaded it, it will be fine.

    First of all, I love the title!

    Libby helped me think of it.

    Would “being shown at a closed festival and being distributed among a limited number of people on DVD” be considered “made public”?

    So, basically, can you use your PDX entry for APE? I’ll have to think on it some, but I want to say no. I want people to come up with original stuff for this contest, but at the same time I don’t want to prevent you from entering it or PDX.

    Is the story to be original, or can it be adapted from somwhere else (short stories, etc.)?

    In this contest a huge emphasis is placed on originality and creativity, so if you wanted to use a pre-existing story you would need to make some significant modifications to make it your own. I think borrowing characters and a setting from another story is fine, but borrowing an actual plot is not allowable.

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    Boohya! W00T! NEW CONTEST!


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    Very good idea and very good prizes, congratulations Josh, you did a great job.
    As I’m not so inspired and quite tired by my own project, I doubt I will enter the contest. 😥
    However, I offer my skills in audio and music composing if someone with a good project needs it, as an association. If I got several replies, I’ll have to choose one. Obviously, I’ll rather choose director I’ve already worked with. 😛
    BTW, I’ve seen that the audio side has made its entry as a criteria. Good thing, too bad it’s only 10%, but good thing. :wink

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    You mean the storys have to be ORIGINAL!!???(Rips script up)
    Back to the drawing board. 😀

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    Regarding the question about using a variation of “Hey, that’s my monkey!”

    No….the sisters have discussed it and agree that the line must be used exactly as written. And we look forward with great anticipation to the many creative uses of these words!

    Esmerelda and Kim

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