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    “Karateguy” wrote: You mean the storys have to be ORIGINAL!!???

    ARGH! So much for that Disney based storyline. :evil

    EDIT- Are we allowed to release a trailer for our film?

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    Esmerelda, I will do my best to insert that line into my film and make The Sisters proud.


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    In this contest a huge emphasis is placed on originality and creativity, so if you wanted to use a pre-existing story you would need to make some significant modifications to make it your own. I think borrowing characters and a setting from another story is fine, but borrowing an actual plot is not allowable.

    That resolves the problem: I can’t enter my PDX film. We’ll see how it goes time-wise. In the worst case I’ll just play judge 😉


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    Mr. Less

    Yes, Revmen! So this is what you were monkeying around with! You tricky devil you. Fantastic prizes, and a good idea! Screw Red vs. Blue! TIme to make a wonderful a film so wonderful, so inventive, so breath drawing, that I will get the custom title: Forum Idiotless.

    Ps. Red vs. Blue will come, just not in the format i originally planned it too. ..

    EDIT: OH yeah, could you use Twilight Zone theme music? Are there any copyright restrictions on the music, sounds, etc.?

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    “RevMen” wrote:
    And all you beginning filmmakers who want an excellent camera, be sure to pay special attention to The Sisters’ Award. And don’t forget The Sisters other award, the Mr Rogers award, where all you have to do to win is find the most clever way of saying, “hey, that’s my monkey!”

    What do you mean we have to put the phrase in a variety or clever way? like we have a movie about monkeys, and stuff about monkey or something?

    Oh boy i’ll be looking forward to this contest. Seems pretty cool

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    Just make the monkey phrase subtle. :)

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    Are you allowed to use music from other movies and stuff, or do you have to make your own music?

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    Although I would one day love for everyone’s brickfilms to have original and royalty-free music, I realize it is not a practical dream. We have a couple people here capable of making music, but I don’t think they could possibly handle everyone’s request.

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    Boy oh boy oh boy! I’m entering this one for sure! Wicked prizes! Now, I must think of an amazing story… Only the editing will be done after Christmas, because that’s when the computer comes… Need to think :)

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful prizes! 😀

    There is many royalty free music download sites out there you know. I’m sure you might find something you like.

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    I’m going to enter this for sure! But I just need to make a plot.

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