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    I now just finished my plot…I think it’s very M. Night Shymalany. :mischief

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    I could have really used 3 monthes for this, between actually getting an idea, and filming it all, I have some doubts if I’ll get finished. Worst case scenario I’ll just release it outside the contest, I suppose.

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    Regarding the question about using a variation of “Hey, that’s my monkey!”

    No….the sisters have discussed it and agree that the line must be used exactly as written. And we look forward with great anticipation to the many creative uses of these words!

    That might be good for those “crazy fallen in love with monkeys” guys. :wink

    As to the topic, thanks for setting up a new contest! The theme is very carefuly selected. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this.

    Josh, did you receive my PM?


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    Josh, did you receive my PM?

    I did Antiggo, and I’ve been trying to think of how to answer it. Perhaps people here can help.

    Antiggo (and I suspect some of our other members, particularly non-EAFL people) would like the theme explained better. Other than throwing out a bunch of adjectives on the contest page, I can’t think of a way to describe the theme. Hopefully someone more articulate than I can help.

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    A story in which something odd happens? It doesn’t really pick up on the nuances of the title, but it’s one translation.

    http://babel.altavista.com doesn’t do english to russian, but I’d be intrigued to see a literal translation of the theme. Visions of unusual athletics…

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    Perhaps, a film that is strangely thought-provoking, one with an unusual twist, or a strange mood. Or perhaps about a strange coincidence or incident, such as UFOs, etc. I could see this being very horror film happy, as well as humor-welcoming.

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    Watch a M.Night Shymalan film.Something……..odd happens and it has a plot twist.Kinda like that I guess. :shrug:

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    this may help;

    “http://www.thetzsite.com/” wrote:
    Here’s what the Twilight Zone is: it’s an anthology series, half hour in length, that delves into the odd, the bizarre, the unexpected. Here’s what The Twilight Zone isn’t: it’s not a monster rally or a spook show. It probes into the dimension of imagination but with a concern for taste and for an adult audience too long considered to have IQs in negative figures.

    And that’s what we’re trying to do with the Twilight Zone. We want to tell stories that are different. We want to prove that television, even in its half-hour form, can be both commercial and worthwhile. The half-hour film can probe effectively, dramatize and present a well-told and well-filmed story; at the same time, perhaps only as a side effect, a point can be made that the fresh and untried can carry more infinite appeal than a palpable imitation of the already proved. The Twilight Zone is a wondrous land of the very different. No luggage is required for the trip. All that the audience need bring is imagination.

    – Rod Serling, November 7, 1959 (TV Guide)

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    WoW Im excited about this film! Will i be the only female entering the brickfilms contest again? :what?:

    Well this seems like another great event brickfilms is going to have! I guess i can think of a few good ideas for my film. For the sisters award, like what logan asked.. what is the age minmum? And u can only win the prize if u don’t have a LQCP4000 right?

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    We just wanted to point out that
    “Hey, that’s my monkey” doesn’t have to be a spoken line. The story does not have to be about monkeys.. it does not have to have a monkey in it. Just those words.
    We’re hoping you directors will use your imaginations to fit the words somewhere in your films.. either spoken or in print or however your mind comes up with!

    Es and Kim

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