A Public Apology

Dear citizens of Brickfilms,

It has come to my attention of the terrible wrongs I have done to this community by founding and endorsing the Revolution Party. The communist backbone of this party would surely bring this great website, nay, family is the better word, to untimely ruin. Though Brickfilms could run itself eventually, the Revolution Party is not the one to put this into practice.

But first, I must share with you how I came to this conclusion. It was not from a thorough reading of the United States Constitution, nor of Montesquieu's The Spirit of the Law, nor Rutherford's Lex Rex, nor Locke's Two Treatises on Government, nor Bastiat's The Law; no reading material could have convinced me to change my evil ways. Nor was it an extensive look at the practice of communism in Soviet Russia, or present day China, nor North Korea's dangerous nuclear situation. I was too set in my plan to change based on the failure of those nations to use this system of government effectively.

What changed me was this: as I was plotting to demean more parties with my mudslinging, my doorbell rang. When I came to answer it, Cometgreen stood there, puppy in hand. He offered it to me as a gift of peace between us, though at the time, our positions could hardly be more at odds. He simply uttered the words, “Here, I want you to have this.” Then he placed the small puppy in my hand. I can't put into words what went on at that moment – can a man suddenly cured of blindness describe the cinematography of Citizen Kane? - but my whole perspective on life changed. I instantly saw the horrors of what my party could accomplish, and how the only true way to govern a website as great as Brickfilms was how Cometgreen and The Puppy Sponsored Freedom and Liberty Party would run it. So now I must abandon the Revolution Party and swear myself wholly to Cometgreen and his party's members. I can only hope they will forgive me as Cometgreen has. Since no member has had such a lacking of insight to actually join the Revolution Party, it will henceforth be closed.

Finally, I must make an apology to chosen1. Not only was my attack out of place, posting in your party's thread, but it consisted of naught but lies. I will edit my posts there, not to escape the shame, but so that they will no longer mislead any citizens of Brickfilms. For those who quoted my comments to rightly rebuke me, I urge you to do the same. Chosen1, though you have no obligation to do this, I ask for your forgiveness. I see that you have also elected to join The Puppy Sponsored Freedom and Liberty Party, and hopefully will be stand side by side, fighting for justice.

Thank you for tolerating me at my worst, and I pray that we may one day see a Brickfilms in which this may be put behind us, as we look on to a new and brighter future. Freedom and puppies have changed my life. Let us now let them change Brickfilms.