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    Brian of Gep

    I like the chat because:
    There are people in it.

    I’ve been in the other chat for days and never had anyone else get in it.

    Actually, the only time someone else has been in it when I was in it was when I PMed Buxton and asked him to get in.

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    Thats true Brian. And its growing on me too.

    I could live in it. I mean with it.

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    “wandrer2″ wrote: It’s not connected to the database, so anyone with some basic understanding of how hyperlinks work, can log in with any name not already present in the chat. I successfully logged in as bluntmon, Yolegoman2, RevMEn and wandrer2andahalf (immediately proclaiming my identity, and only to warn others about this vulnerability).

    It’s not very safe. Someone claiming to be Bluntman showed up. So did a Micheal C, and WeirdEars. We knew he wasn’t the real Bluntie, but if a smart troll gets in, there could be trouble.


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    what I don’t like about the chat is that it cuts off where it used to show where new things have been posted. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s annoying for me, since I have to check every section of the forum to see if anything has been posted.


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    they will have a patch for the socalled vulnerability….
    the site is not run by maliciouse “script kiddies” but by network security ppl from the nsa, fbi, and various other government agencies …..
    and a few ppl from microsoft as well….

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    yup, well it’s gone now.

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    Yes, it had a short but exciting life. I got tired of not being able to see if there were new posts.

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    But you know people, we have a chat room still. Why don’t you ever join? I’m in a lot!

    Yolegoman, whos up at 5:30 in the morning to write Html

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    I know I’m dumb but,
    Where is that chatroom ?

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    Here it is, the old Ezboard one: Next time you can access it via the main page (Link to old chat):


    There ya go… and I’m in so we can chat about nothing or everything or just somethings if you want.

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