Adding multiple sounds to Windows XP

I know, I know. :roll We've probably talked about this somewhere, but I can't help asking it again. I'll state this bluntly.
I want a good program like DDClip that holds a good amount of audio tracks at a time.
I have Windows XP
I use WMM2 (it's free)
I've tried DDClip Free 2.23, but it doesn't work with XP. On the website it says to upgrade it to DDClip 3.x (which for the lowest upgrade, it's about $50).
I want to know what programs are capable of doing this with XP. Starting from the cheapest or free to the expensive.
I've tried audacity, and I want to get a program that's simple to add the tracks, but it's a good program. I'm still not sure if there's a better program than DDClip 3.x that is cheaper. :?

Any type of help is greatly appreciated,