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    :o please, no!!!! sob.
    i was uploading an image into my brickshelf account thing, and it finished just like it regularly does, but then, for no reason, when it went back to my home gallery thing, it was no more! Everything is gone! Just look at my beautiful avatar and sig! Waaaaahhh! Can somebody please explain?


    yeah, that happened to me once. When you upload an off topic document in the same folder you post other stuff, then the brickshelf people decide to delete the whole folder.

    MY theory is that everything posted on brickshelf specifically needs a lego man’s head or the word ‘lego’ displayed in order to be ‘on-topic’. You can use if you want to upload misc. stuff


    I use an angelfire accout for all my non lego stuff. I don’t have a page there, I just upload my pics, videos, whatever. 20 mb, and i have only used 4. Free makes it better too.


    got most of the stuff back up.

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    i used a seperate folder to upload newer images……


    To Proteus Xero- Do you mind changing that avatar? thanks

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    why do you ask????
    I have a right to my own personal avatar…….
    just like you do……

    and just cause its animated doesn’t mean it takes a ton of bandwidth to run….

    y should i remove it????

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    Xero’s avvy is animated? What does he do?

    I can’t see because my pop-up stopper automatically stops all gif anims and such like.

    Even the smilies are static to me, but I find that a good thing – particularly wth regard to certain threads!


    (See? He might be winking, I can’t tell! :D )


    it’s nothing personal, I just don’t like starcraft.

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    Wait a miniute,

    So you’re saying that just cause’ you’re not a fan of StarCraft, you think that Xero should change his Avatar? Thats lame. :?

    Personally, I’m not a fan of StarCraft either, but hey, it’s his Avatar. (Accually it looks kinda cool to me.)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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