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    A film i made about a month back, I was going to hold out releasing it till me site was finished. But anyway.

    Short and sweet, somewhere around 1 minute and 2.9 mb!

    just click, no right click!
    Lots o’ violence!

    Im trailing Download so don’t mind the link!


    Film Brain

    That’s was, er, violent. I was expecting more a story, like why they are doing it. As it stands, it’s just gory violence. If it had a story I wouldn’t mind the violence, but then again I think you just wanted to blow a few mini-figs away. Exterminating the competition? I doubt it. I did like the classical music at the start, but it only reminds me of how much better this could have been.



    Hmm, it never was meant to have a story, just a short add so i COULD blow up some minifigs!



    hey amped nice little movie. and lighting. wat do u use to make the blood and flames and sparks. i liked. and how do u add it to the film

    exile films



    😆 That was so pointless, it was hilarious.

    It reminded me of those Olde Tyme brickfilms where a bunch of figs would kill each other for no apparent reason.

    Thanks for the nostalgia.



    i ued to make kill 4 no reason flicks all the time!. Goped i used Alam Dv 2


    Count Orlock

    That was pretty cool. No story really but no problem. The gun sound effects really made it very effective. Awesome job! 🙂



    thanks for the good review orlock21!



    Yeah!! Heavy!!! I love it! More, more, more! 😈


    Evil Robot Boy

    Hm, after reading some other reviews I expected more violence than that, but still a not a bad little movie. I liked the beginning the best, the elevator part, but the rest of it after that just wasn’t…. evil enough.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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