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    Hello all,
    I am throwing myself in the ring with all the other candidates for Minister of Sound. But I will not drown you in 500 trillion words of what I will do.

    I will simply address the points Stefan has made about requirements for Minister of Sound.

    # Experience in the creation and recording of sounds and music
    # The nerve to reject sounds that do not meet the standards we set
    # Knowledge of sound file formats
    # Some technical agility. At the very least the ability to work with FTP, and in case of glitches of the automated system the ability to convert files manually
    # Some working knowledge of copyright licenses (particularly Creative Commons ones), and the ability to judge submissions for adherence to copyright law.

    I have had numerous hours in the production of music, both live and recorded in the studio and numerous hours in the mastering and production of tracks and sound effects. For those who want to know how I got this experience, I am in a band (and play bits of everything) and can set up audio systems, and I have spent hours behind mixing desks.

    Nerve to reject sounds? No Problem there..

    As for the technical abilities, I have run and maintained my own personal website for 4 years now (currently redesign my website), I know how to use ftp and as mentioned before I know how to make sound effects and music which includes file conversion.

    As for the Creative Commons stuff, I have tracks in the current sound library, and were on my site (up until the redesign) licensed with Creative Commons, so I know about them.

    But what am I going to do? Create guides to help new comers in the use of sound, and encoding files.

    Create a library of voice actors (which I have been planning in my head for a while now) to aide directors in the search of the right voice actor.

    And anything I think of, or is suggested to me during my term

    In the conclusion, I’ve been a faithful member of brick films for many years, I have more then the required experience and the desire to fire the sound library up. There are also alot of good candidates out there, I am not going to start a fight or anything, but my goal is simply to make the sound library better, and whether its me or someone else, it doesn’t bother me, as long as something is done


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    If you change your avatar, I’ll consider it.



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    Haven’t you already nominated someone?
    That picture is me I take insult to that

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    That it is you doesn’t necessarily in itself make the avatar bad, it’s more the picture, expression, etc. Comet’s avatar is Paris Hilton, but that doesn’t make it good.

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