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    “Yolegoman” wrote: (It seems whoever wrote the “Entertainer” had brickfilms in mind )

    Actually, the music is called The Easy Winners, but its done by the same guy.

    “Yolegoman” wrote: The one thing I was confused about is whether it shows Idiots how to get a date, or whether its and idiot showing people in general how to get a date.

    It shows idiots how to get a date :wink

    “dandenmark” wrote: when i saw that monkey chow ad… :rotfl

    Origionally, I was going to have an add for the Save the Monkeys Foundation, but I changed my mind about half way into production

    “The Janitor” wrote: You clearly put a lot of effort into making this a quality short.

    Not really…

    “LoganArts Co” wrote: Actually it’s not there. Stupid comp. I don’t see it. I see all your old films. I must not see the updated site.

    If you have visited my site recently, it could still be in your computers temporary files or something. When you go to the page, try hitting refresh. If that doesn’t work, I’ve included direct links at the bottom of this post :wink

    “thedarksideoflego” wrote: Great job dude, a well thought out short, very nice looking animation, smooth, and good lighting

    Once again, it wasn’t really thought out… then again… most of LBP’s films aren’t. :rotfl The lighting for the scenes with the guy getting the date were done with two lamps, one 60w behind the cam and one 40w to the side. The anouncer was filmed with both lamps (and another 60w) behind the cam at various angles.

    Thanks for telling me what you thought about it, and I’m glad you liked it!

    Links for the film

    High quality DivX encoded (7.65mb):

    Normal quality Real Player (2.04mb):



    Good Effort. Pretty true to TV, I really liked the opening logo.
    Sound 4.5/5
    Good Sound effects, voices and sound efects in sync with action on screen. It was pretty quiet though, I had to watch it a couple times to hear it properly. Overall, excellent sound!
    Visual 3.95/5
    Very smooth! A few fast scenes though. The cinematography was okay, but overall, the visuals were excellent, with little touches everywhere…
    Plot 3.4/5
    Good plot, not all that strong at times though, which is understandable for a short film. Pretty good though, even though I was expecting more
    Overall(not an average) 8.6/10
    It was way too short to get the point across. It looked like it could have been better, but that’s probably because I was looking forward to it. VERY GOOD WORK THOUGH, NUFF SAID



    Here is my review,

    The filming was mostly great. The picture was crisp and clear and I never was a set move although there were 2 occasions in the film where the cam
    shook quite a lot and it was very noticeable. Other then that the filming was great.

    The sets were nicely done, even though the floor lacked some shrubs which I could tell it needed it looked great. The colors of the floor mixed very well with the background, but the only issue i saw was the you could see a gap in the baseplates where they were connected, but I know my self they the do not click completely next to each other.

    I do have to say that public television was a great thing to spoof. I watch it a lot and I listen to NPR more than any other station on the radio and I do have to say that the voice was very reminiscent of a public radio speaker. Most of them do sound very blah, but the others that are not are very funny and jumpy. The voice fit the character and the film great.

    The wording cut scenes were very well placed in the film. Not 1 seemed out of place at the time it showed up.

    I loved the plot of the film, the only problem to me was that it seemed that
    each step should have been elaborated a little bit more. There did not seem to be enough steps to it. And i guess it was for an idiot, cause that’s the only type of person that would follow those steps πŸ˜›

    The animation seemed to me very smooth and flawless, you animation is much better than from your last film even though you still did not need to improve that much at all. I watched it time and time again and I could not find 1 flaw in the animation.

    I loved the joke a the end of Joe monkeys chow! That was really great! I was quite impressed by this short film I though it was a great…well short! Nice job! Keep up the good work! πŸ˜€



    “LoganArts Co” wrote: Good Sound effects, voices and sound efects in sync with action on screen

    I’m guessing that by “Sound effects” you mean the music? Other than the music and the voice, there was no other audio in the film (this made post production a lot easier)

    “IndyA” wrote: there were 2 occasions in the film where the cam
    shook quite a lot and it was very noticeable

    That happened while the camera was changing its focus from one minifig to another. Since the focus adjustment is on the camera, I had to touch the cam to make the transition. Of course, I could have redone the shot, but I’m too lazy for that :wink

    “IndyA” wrote: The sets were nicely done, even though the floor lacked some shrubs which I could tell it needed it looked great.

    I initially intended to have people walking by in the background, but as you can see, I didn’t.

    Btw, this was my first solo film (excluding tests). All the rest of my films have been done with someone else helping. In fact, this is also the first film with a storyline created by me too…




    Nice movie! I loved the boring public television feel (even though this film was NOT boring :wink) and especially the monkey chow thing!

    “Mmmm. Now that’s good chow.” πŸ˜† I think the guy actually eats that stuff!

    ~End of Spoilers~

    Nice animation, and sound quality. Highly recommended.



    Brian of Gep

    Great film!

    Good animation, perfect mastering of focus, good lighting, GREAT voice acting (Not only did it set the “mood”, but it was not too close to the mic, too far from the mic, you didn’t blow on it, etc), overall a great short, and a good laugh. πŸ™‚

    As a review is pointless without constructive critisicm:
    I would advise you to “dust”, or “de-dust” your baseplates.

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