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    I’m working on a film that has a labyrinth, that always shifts. Can anyone help me out with how I could make a cool animation for it? TY 😀

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    This is one of those things that you really need to work out before you decide to do a film with a constantly shifting labyrinth. If I’ve understood you right, I guess I’d do it by showing the character in a kind of corridor in the foreground and have an out-of-focus movement in the background with walls sliding around behind his back.

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    Could you specify this a little more because I can think of at least three different ways to do that.

    One like described above, where walls move behind a character or doors slide or things like that.

    The second idea would be to have several more or less identifieable rooms that can be entered from two or more sides. Lets say a character moves from room A to B you let him leave room A to the right, cut, and enter room B from the left. Completely boring in the beginning and you have to show that several times. Then you have several possibilities: Suddenly he leaves a room to the right but enters a room from the right – Change in perspective you actually don´t need to do this very often, because the observer gets confused very fast. And finally you can let the guy enter rooms that have been there several times but from different entrances…
    And to really make the labyrinth change let him leave room A to the right and enter room B from the left, he says:”I have already been here!” he leaves room B to the left back to room A but he enters another room C from the right. Total confusion! The good thing is you don´t need moving parts, the bad thing is that people would say: He wasn´t using moving parts, so maybe mixing this with the first technic is the way to go.

    Third possibility. Requires a huge set! You build lots of stairs like in Harry Potter and let them move back and forth, and when the charakter thinks he gets close to the exit the stairs change again… Very cool, very overlookable for the audience but hard to build. And you need a reason why the charakter is not just using a rope or a whip (like indiana jones) to get where he wants.


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    You could make one like in the film “Labyrinth”.

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    Maybe you need to slide the walls in the background or something. Make them slidable at least.

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