Animation Challenge: Slow-motion

Welcome to the BiM Animation Challenge thread!

The purpose of this thread is to identify particular movements, characters, and situations that are difficult to animate and then figuring out new ways to overcome those challenges.

How does it work?

Once a theme has been chosen, the community has a set amount of time to make an entry (usually a week). Once the deadline has passed, the member who chose the theme will judge the entries and decide which of the entries matched up to the challenge the best. The winner will then choose the new theme, and the cycle continues. The thread title should change to match the current challenge, but if it doesn't you'll just have to go search for it. :P


... Okay there are no prizes technically, but you will get that warm fuzzy feeling that you get from beating everyone else. :)

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This thread is a copy of the Animation Challenge thread on Bricksinmotion, feel free to continue anything you want from that thread here. :wink