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    The Winners!

    In first place, winning a copy of Animator DV Film Producer

    David Pagano


    In second place, winning a copy of Animator DV Professional +

    David West


    In third place, winning a copy of Animator DV Edu/Personal



    In fourth place, winning a copy of Animator DV Simple+



    And to the remaining entrants goes a copy of Animator DV Simple.


    Congratulations to our winners, and thanks for participating. If you are due a prize, you need to send an e-mail to containing the name of your film, whatever director’s name you used, and your full name. Greg will give you instructions on claiming your prize.


    Gregory, the author of Animator DV, has asked me to announce a small contest he wants to sponsor. He’s giving away a lot of copies of his software, so this one is probably worth your time.

    The idea is to make an advertisement for Animator DV, just like you might see on TV. It can consist of brick animation, or a combination of brick animation and live action. In these sense it’s not really a traditional brickfilms contest. This might, however, give some of you a chance to do something new.

    edit: Please see the contest page for details on the time structure of your entry.

    The resolution of the film should be 400×300. Submit it in whichever format you like, but please include one version in either avi or mpg format.

    The film will be judged by two separate groups. The first group will be a small committee that I will form of brickfilms members. The second group will be Gregory himself or a committee he forms.

    The brickfilms group will give away:

    1) 1 copy of Animator DV Professional+ 10
    2) 1 copy of Animator DV Edu/Personal 10
    3) 1 copy of Animator DV Simple+ 9.02
    4) 5 copies of Animator DV Simple 9

    Gregory will give away 1 copy of Animator DV Film Producer

    To get an idea of what all of these different versions of Animator DV are, look here:

    The deadline is currently the end of February. Details on submission procedure will be provided when they are available.

    edit: By submitting your entry, Greg assumes the right to distribute your film over the internet. Although it is meant to look like a TV commercial, it will not be shown on TV.

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    very interesting….something new for brickfilms, not the traditional format, cause you can combine with live action. I’ll think about that.

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    David West

    Do you know what we are aloud to do as far as music? And are we supposed to make an ad for a specific version of Animator DV (simple, profeesional, etc.), Animator DV in general, or either?

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    Awesome, I’m in. Although I haven’t seen a lot of commercials on TV that advertise computer softwares. But, it’s worth a shot.

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    I assume this is a promotional contest, and as such he’ll be wanting to use the winning entries in order to promote his product. I don’t have a problem with this at all, but it would be nice to know more details, intended usage etc before making a final decision to enter or not.

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    Looks interesting, but I have a few questions:

    1. Does it have to be a brickfilm?
    2. What is the film going to be used for?
    3. What about copyrighted music?

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    “02lyons” wrote: Looks interesting, but I have a few questions:

    3. What about copyrighted music?

    since this film is meant to be an advertisment,
    the use of copyrighted music is not allowed, i guess

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    So we can do something completely without animation? Thats awesome, im in.

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    Please refer
    for some more information and suggestions about the contest

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    Thanks, Greg, that gives heaps more detail.

    But why the non-standard frame size?

    400×300 is not at all common, and in fact, divx recommends source material and final frames that are divisible by 16 (and less effectively 8 or 4) otherwise ineffecitvely compressed footage is the result.

    300/16=18.75 (not ideal!)

    You can now encode content that has resolutions divisible by 4 or 8, however we still strongly recommend encoding only content with resolutions divisible by 16, as the 4 and 8 dimensions will not encode as efficiently. (There remains a known issue about resolutions divisible by 2.)

    You do mention similar sizes are okay, but I’d suggest you ask people for 320×240 or 640×480 which are the most common frame sizes for webcameras and low end video and dv cams (low end dv cams will down or up interpolate to 640×480)

    This makes much more sense if you’d like the animations not to show bluriness of artifacts due to frame expansion or compression…


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