Anne Frank in Bricks – Motfilms is the winner

EDIT - Results page is ready, judging comments will be posted over the next couple of days, results will be announced in the Brickfilms chat at 10pm GMT on Friday 1st July 2005.

Since Weirdears is never likely to make this film he announced some years ago, I raise this challenge, to avoid the waste of such a good movie title.

To the director of the best film entitled 'Anne Frank in Bricks' I will donate a Patron D account.

There are no rules and no deadline, and my decision is final. All films remain your own property and responsibility and should be posted as normal to this site. Just PM me with a link also, so I can keep track of entries.

When I feel there may be enough entries, I will give six weeks notice of a closing date, to allow people to finish off their projects.

If you are already a Patron of some kind, a financial arrangement re renewal or an upgrade can be reached.

So....have fun and don't be too po-faced.