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    Great, first w00t, now n00b?!
    What on earth does “n00b” mean? ­čśĽ




    Anyway, I think richardfrost’s going to be mad when he sees this. Sorry richard.



    Well, I’m in. I don’t have time because I’m want the Stop Motion Pro in my birthday that is coming on March. It looks like I will NOT enter if I don’t have time.

    Ok, I will NOT enter Anne Frank in Bricks, because i’m entering another Brickfilms contest, details in the Western Brickfilm Contest forum: … 1203#91203

    Fixed the double post. Please try to refrain from advertising your threads/posts in other people’s threads. Thanks -dewfilms



    Uh… Why did you have to advertise your thread in here?



    Bricky Boy, use somthing like the edit button rather than double posting, please.
    And don’t advertise.





    Is there any place I can download some of the films mentioned in this thread?
    Nosniborus┬┤ entry
    Lego Guy┬┤s entry
    and of course the original by WeirdEars.
    I was able to watch MOTfilms entry and it seemed quite similar to the original. But these ones seemed to have been hosted on Brickshelf and I haven┬┤t been able to watch them.

    PS: Mr. Frost, reading this thread is like watching someone herd earthworms. My heart goes out to you.



    because brickshelf is down. Madgnanagain!!!



    OK weird fans. The closing date is rapidly approaching. Is there anyone out there with a weird film who thinks they can out weird Motfilms and Nosniborus? There must be mre than two entries….



    I’m working hard on my (as well as school project) AFiB, Richard.

Viewing 10 posts - 71 through 80 (of 154 total)

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