any body need original music/soundtrack for their films?

Sorry if that is the wrong place to post.
:wink Hi there, im not an animator, but I love animation. I am an amatuer music composer with own studio and equipment. Im posting here as I would love to right the soundtracks to some animations, films or games (or anything else!). Influences range from heavy guitars to electronic/trance/triphop and a little jazz and classical.

I would very much like to write music to something visual. Rather than just write tunes in the hope that they may fit a scene. If any body would like to send me an AVI or Mpeg (or any other format), I can taylor every element of the music/sound to suit the film/scene in perfect sync. If needs be, when youve heard it, you can tell me what you like or dont like, then it can easily be changed.

Anyway I hope someone out there reads this who has or is working on an animation/game/film that I could score.

Can anybody sugest any one or any where to guide me further??

Thanks for taking the time to read my post....

here is my audio cv, sorry about the bit rate, or if any tracks are missing, im fast running out of webspace! check it out, if you would still like to work with me, let me know.

http://www.southpawjinx.pwp.blueyonder. ... udiocv.htm