Anybody Need Music?

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    Hey! Recently, I have been experimenting with my music software, and I’m actually becoming really good at it. So, if anybody would like any original score for their brickfilm, I’d be more than happy to make some (as long as I’m credited). And if anybody would like an example, watch this video. Yes, I know that it’s a vocal song, but this is just an example of what I can do.


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    Anna C.

    Hi Bricksandlemons! What are the range of instruments that you can make music with aside from the drums and the beats? :-)

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    I can do Keyboards, Guitar, Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Synthesizers and Bass….as well as drums. :)

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    golden geek

    i need a song for the bricks a new brickfilm i am starting

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    Cool! What kind of music do you need?

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    Hey! would you be able to make some cool background music? Something maybe like for an intense action scene? Let me know if you can! Thanks!

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    Sounds great, Onecras! I’ll get right on it! :)

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    Hey dood, fishbowlbob here, and I”m making a feature length film with my friend, called the Dark Avenger.

    anyway, It’s a superhero movie, kinda serious, and I was wondering, could you make a main theme?
    We will definitely credit you. If you can, I kinda want it to be like the main dark knight theme, (if you’ve seen that movie). Really epic would be the genre. So serious music, not happy.
    I can’t pay you, but If you do decide to help us, that would be great.
    btw, If you do make this, probably like 3 mins would be enough.

    let me know if you can! This would be awesome!


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    Sounds awesome, fishbowlbob! I’ll be glad to make it, just a credit in the movie would be enough. When would you like it by?

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    Anna C.

    Hi bricksandlemons :-) Would you mind if I ask what software music you use? I want to learn how to do i as well, if that’s okay with you.

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