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    It’s 1 am and I’m gonna call it a night…. I figure that any extra time will be used for “Polishing & Tweaking” but I’m aiming for the original deadline. I managed to get about 12 seconds shot this evening! Woo Hoo!

    I also managed to clear all of Saturday for shooting, and my Fiancee will be working most of that. That may backfire though, she’s got a great eye for detail and has managed to point out a few errors while I could still fix them and saved me HOURS! (I luv ya Kathy! )


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    Normally, I’d agree with Hali’s opinion. A deadline is a deadline, not a maybe-extended-line.

    HOWEVER, my computer gave and is giving me a hard time. I couldn’t animate for 2 weeks (that means: I animated under the risk of losing it – several times I lost ~100 animated frames), and I still don’t find the source of the problem. It just crashes, sometimes after 30 minutes, sometimes after 5.

    So, under these circumstances: PLEASE extend the deadline. At least a week or so, more time will result in better films.

    And for the next contest, I’d like to know if the deadline is a no-chance-deadline or a maybe-extended-deadline. :)


    E: I need to know if the deadline’s extended or not ASAP. 😀 Rev, tell us quick: When do you decide if it’s extended or not??

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    I will decide this evening. Those who feel they need the deadline, you have about 5 hours to plead your case. 😉

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    I agree with the opinion that a deadline is a deadline…
    But I voted for the extension because I guess I wont finish without it.
    I had some problems finding voice actors and I had to wait for some lighting equipment that I just got yesterday.
    I would be very happy if its going to be extended but I understand thoose who timed the production to fit the time.


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    I’ve worked like mad the last few weekends so mine is pretty much complete. :wink

    Now I can’t wait for the deadline to get here… :(


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    Lieberman Bros.

    Extending the deadline, my opinion will only help contribute to the success of the contest. 9 weeks to do a 2 minute film is enough, but since most of us are making films longer than that, it would be more appropriate for us to have at least 10 weeks if not more. Extending the deadline may upset some who are excited to send theirs in and see the results, but isn’t the waiting and being excited and looking forward to the event the best part? In my opinion this is a win/win situation for everyone (well almost)

    -LB, who strongly agrees with the contest deadline being extended.

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    “Lieberman Bros.” wrote: 9 weeks to do a 2 minute film is enough, but since most of us are making films longer than that, it would be more appropriate for us to have at least 10 weeks if not more.

    See but there’s the problem in a nutshell. Even though there was no time limit it seems people aimed BIG without considering that they’ve ALWAYS had 9 weeks or whatever. I can handle a couple of days for people to tie up loose ends and maximise the number of entries running close, I can’t understand an extension of more than that it is really unfair to those who have planned their films and filming carefully.


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    I’ve stayed out of this so far because I’m not entering this time round, but hali has just about summed up my feelings on the matter. Part of the challenge is to come up with a story that you can realise within the allotted time period.

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    “Digital_Dave” wrote: :( Awwwwww Sorry to hear that you’re not entering Buxton, I’m a huge fan of your work and was hoping to see more. It’s the period between projects that re-charge the creative batteries, so I know we all have another gem to look forward to!

    I’m just sitting the comp out so I can spend more time working on OOT2. :)

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    After much thought and consideration, I have decided to go halfway and extend the deadline by 1 week. It’s not much, but it may be enough to bring in an entry or two we may not have had otherwise.

    While the contest is a competition, my primary reason for holding it is not to determine who can make the best film. In fact, I’m not really interested in that much at all. Really, my motivation is to try and encourage the production of more and better films and hopefully push people a little further in their filmmaking than they may have gone on their own.

    So it’s in this spirit that the deadline will be extended, but not the full 2 weeks. It’s also in my interest to be as fair as possible, and I think it would be far too unfair to some people if too much extra time was added.

    The Trash Heap has spoken. Nyaaahhhhh!

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