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    Arcane Empires (Arcane Empires Cheap gold) is a free game that you can find in the App Shop Online, which takes place online with other players from around the world. The game takes place in the midst of a brutal civil war: Army troops led by Prince Korassiano Dessen, trying to regain control of the kingdom and enslave the population.
    Your goal is to build your city to protect your people and your freedom from attack by Dessen.
    You can create alliances with other players, strategies and plan of attack due to the presence of a live chat where able to give to others.
    To build your cities you will have to train your army, consisting of Assault Squads, Meccanogrifi & Vessels Hell, appoint the Captain and obviously fortify your territory to defend against external attacks.
    The missions are critical to your success in the game. They will serve you to have a sufficient number of means of production to defend against attacks from other players. (After a week of play, your city becomes vulnerable to attacks by other users).
    Follow the missions proposed to build your town and claim the rewards, which are usually the resources, but may also include gold coins and other useful items to progress in the game.
    Complete these missions will also help you to level up and to continue to become stronger and stronger to expand the city and defend from incoming attacks.
    In addition to the missions Tournaments are also important: partecipatevi and try to win the prizes; also try to conquer more of the islands of the map possible, and to base your Cologne.
    It is a rather famous game with many active users, and is one of the best role-playing games for iPhone. Buy Cheap arcane empires gold online

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