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    Hi, have any of you heard about a software named bafran? I have been watching a few tutorials on it and decided to try it out for myself. I made my picture and when I saved it and opened it on a new program it turned out to be black and white. Has anyone used it before and had this same problem? If so how did you fix it.
    Thanks, Sean

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    I use it…i dont know why it does that though because it doesnt do that with me


    GO to file than down to export then save as jpeg or avi

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    Shouldn’t this be posted in the software and hardware forum?

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    Yeah, guess what, rimizak is in the chat, I told him too!

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    I haven’t used this, Hope this will be the best.

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    This should be in the software forum but anyways, if ever anyone of you ran into the same problem just try changing the file extension name and that should solve it. Well… Most of the time.

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