Bane and Foot Soldier Voices Needed!

I need someone how can talk like the Batman villain, Bane (my impression is horrible) and some Foot Soldiers. (TMNT Ones) Here are "test lines" for the 3 characters. Funny Lines Bane- "Would you guys be quiet!?" Foot Soldier 1- "I like apple juice!!" Foot Soldier 2- "ULTIMATE SUGAR HIGH!!!" Serious Lines Bane "Oh no. My cousins are here." Foot Soldier 1- "I like turtles!" Foot Soldier 2- "No you dont! They're our ENEMIES!" My email is so you can email me the voice clips. I WILL give credit to you! Once you email me the clips I will get back to you ASAP. P.S. The story is the Foot Soldiers are Banes cousins and they visit him and Bane HATES them and they drive him CRAZY!