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    I am filming a guy getting thrown down the bar of a pub. His face hits all the glasses and ends up in a wreck at the end. Is there anything you guys know that might help me?



    I would use a lot of sticky-tac if you want to have him sliding down the bar knocking glasses over.


    The Janitor

    For the camera angle, it might be effective to put the camera at the end of the bar that he is going to crash into. Put the camera right about at the bar level so he is coming almost right at the camera.



    Big 3D shots (as suggested by Janitor) can be a real pain because you have to keep changing the focus as you rcharacter gets closer to the camera. It might be easier to track along the bar in time with the character.



    Thanks guys!

    And about the focus thing. Our camera is automatic focus and it might just focus on the cups. I’ll do some testing and if it does not work i’ll use Buxton’s idea.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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