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    As some of you know, I placed 2nd in the Judge’s Choice of the THAC2 contest last summer, and I won some greenscreen chroma cloth. Well, thanks to RevMen, I finally received that prize along with my FIG prize. He was also cool enough to send me a piece of bluescreen chroma cloth along with the green.

    As reqeusted by RevMen, I have decided to make tests with both cloths.

    Bluescreen H.264

    Greenscreen H.264

    This was a bit of a rush job, so they’re not a good as they could be, the green test in particular. However, I think the blue cloth came out the best of the two.

    What do you all think?




    That was good. The green screen I think was better. Good job!



    I think the blue was better because the green cloth reflected onto the side of Bens head.




    I don’t know what size the cloths are, but my suggestion is top put the screen a lot more to the back, and maybe light the screen separately. The colors reflected on the minifigs make the chroma keying much more difficult.



    Those screens are quite desaturated, not at all like the ones I’ve worked with. Although it may just be your lighting setup and white balance settings.



    The bluescreen turned out really nicely. The greenscreen had a tiny bit too much spill form my liking.
    Well done.



    I liked the green screen better than the blue. For the blue, around the outline of the man you could see some of the blue. Green, I didn’t see it.




    I think that the edges Ben and Andy were too blurry. I think that the green screen is better chroma keyed, though.

    Still pretty good.



    Super Cameraman

    I don’t know, I think they both didn’t look to great. I don’t want to sound totally rude, but:

    There was a pretty annoying outline on the bluescreen one, and it was the same thing for the green. I also think that the colors aren’t very… colorful. You might want to try grading the minifigures to match the background. It just seems out of place.

    Sorry if I sound a bit harsh!




    There was a lot of spill on both of them. If you have the ability to apply a spill supressor or something like that, I would do it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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