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    I’m proud to announce BRAWL 2013!

    Starting at 12:00 am GMT on July 28, 2013 (Greenwich Mean Time), you will have exactly one week to script, animate, edit, and upload a film. Any entries not received by the end of the week will be disqualified.
    A thread titled “BRAWL 2013 Starts NOW!” will be posted in the General Film Discussion forum on The thread will contain the theme, mod elements, submission information, and a detailed summary of the judging process.

    To prevent entrants from creating their films ahead of time, a contest theme, that entries must include, will be announced when the contest begins. In addition to the theme there will be two “mod” elements. The mod elements are visual elements that must be included in every shot of your film to ensure that nothing is animated before the beginning of the one week time period; they are different for every BRAWL and will be announced at the start time. There will be two kinds of “mod” elements, and entrants only need to ensure that one of the two elements is present in every shot of footage for their film. The two elements may be used interchangeably throughout the film, and must be physically included in the set, not added in post-production.

    • The first element will be a letter of the alphabet or a numeral. This symbol will not need to be used as letter or numeral in the context of the film, though it can be; a clear effort to include something in the shape of the letter or number will suffice.
    • The second element will be two LEGO (or other plastic brick) components of two given colors connected to each other, whether by locking into each other by the studs of the brick, or as pieces in a minifigure or technic construction. Baseplates and floor pieces will not be allowed to count.

    Rules & Requirements
    • There must be at least 30 seconds of animation in the entry. There is no maximum length.
    • The film should contain LEGO or similar ‘brick’ construction toys, such as MEGA Bloks.
    • Joint entries are allowed, but please specify this when submitting.
    • You may make up the three entries.
    • Entries may not contain adult language, graphic violence (blood and/or gore) or sexual themes.
    • Entries may NOT be made public before the deadline of the competition.

    While copyrighted/trademarked properties are allowed, you are discouraged from basing your movie off of pre-existing film or franchises (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.). It’s not original, and will hurt your chances in the judging process. Copying other brickfilms will also hurt you in the judging process.

    Copyrighted music may be used, but if you don’t want to do so, you are permitted to create original music beforehand; music does not have to be created within the one week time limit. Royalty free music is also allowed.

    A link to your entry must be sent to an email address that will be released in the “BRAWL 2013 Starts NOW!” thread. Entries must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Details on this will be in the “BRAWL 2013 Starts NOW! Thread.

    Our judges for BRAWL 2013 are, Just Kidden, Squash, and Hazzat. What you’ll be judged on will be released in the “BRAWL 2013 Starts NOW!” thread.

    The first place winner will get a LEGO set of their choice on with a price up to $12.99.

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