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    What about other sound FX, other than the music for the video?

    If we wanted to overdub other sounds or even voices would it still qualify?

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    “flash1015″ wrote: Could people stop worrying about copyright infringment, copyright laws, or anything that has the word, “Copyright” If ANYONE had a problem with us In ANY way. Wouldn’t you think Lego Or ANY other copyrighted material Bash on him and close brickfilms?
    So now lets take a deep breath and go music searching.

    In my opinion, the current state of copyright law stinks, and it won’t change if no one ever talks about it. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to worry about doing things that come naturally (copying stuff), and you don’t *have* to I guess…

    I like the words of Richard Stallman about this: “A person should aspire to live an upright life openly with pride,” i.e., not living in legal gray area. If this means avoiding using media that uses copyright law to prevent certain actions, then so be it. So, for me, copyright issues are very important and interesting, and it hurts my integrity if I am sloppy with copyright.

    Try searching for some music that you *are* allowed to use. Yes, it exists. If many people start doing this, the industry will notice, and perhaps things could get better.


    A question,how do I put the file on the Casseste I have? :?
    EDIT-How old do you have to be to enter?

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    “NewLegoCinema” wrote: A question,how do I put the file on the Casseste I have? :?
    EDIT-How old do you have to be to enter?

    To get a track from a cassete, you need 2 things: A cassete player with a headphone jack, and a LINE-IN Cable.

    A line-in cable is simply a short cable that has 2 ends, and both of them look like headphone adapters. You plug one end into the cassete player, and the other into the computers microphone slot, and play the music on the cassete player while recording with any sound recording software on your pc.

    You can get one at Best Buy I guess, I just found mine in an old box of my dads.

    If you need anymore help, pm me. I do this stuff ALL the time.



    i’ve heard that a few people making amature movies have actually sent letters to big record companys like universal asking for permision to use music in a non comercial movie and have had it granted for free. If you’re worried why not have a go, and then you’ll be able to say you’ve been given permission from the company personally to use beastie boys in your film :D

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    I’ve send my movie on the last brickfest, but it’s been never recevied by them, so my faith is low in this brickfest, I’ll not send any movie from me.

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    How did you send it? Did you actually put it on a CD-rom or Tape and mail it to Todd? Because that’s the procedure, an e-mail will not do.

    Also, if you did send it in that way, probably the postal services are to blame, not Todd.

    But I’m sure you two can get this figured out in private e-mail.


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    do you have to be over a certian age to enter?

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    yes, must be old enough to animate.

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    “flash1015″ wrote: yes, must be old enough to animate.


    I have 1 of my sets built, but unfortantely I have to wait till I get my laptop to start animating. The time will be put to good use getting the script and other details worked out, though.

    A year ago I would have been horribly upset that it had to be put on Vhs ect. as I would have had no way of putting it on Vhs tape, but with the familys new comp *Non laptop, normal desktop* it won’t be that big of a deal, hey we already use it as a Dvd player. :wink

    Thanks again Todd, I’m already having a lot of fun!

    Oh and Newlegocinema, tell me if you get your file working, or if I was just way off track! :D. *


    * Pun NOT intended! :)

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