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    If I can ever get around to it, I will enter aswell. My mind has been far from animating recently. Work, car problems, and a dear dear friend of mine (i get to see her next week :)) have all had my attention, some more than others.


    I’m going to enter.

    The song is chosen (it just needs some shortening work) and I’m planning to start filming pretty soon.

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    “ToddThuma” wrote:
    I hope Jared is willing to provide the computer-to-video service he has already provided.

    I want to be clear about the rules, however. Any entry received after the dealine will not be included in the competiton. Each competitors submission must be placed on a separate video tape. Any combining of entries on a video tape means that the first video on the tape will be treated as the first priority video. In essence, each video tape will be considered as coming from an individual or a group of artists. The second video on the tape will be entered only if there is room in the competition based on the time constraints for the competition.

    I have several questions regarding the submission by international contestants. The first is about the Customs. They thoroughly examine any package entering or leaving the country. This examination includes X-rays, which means that magnetic tape can be severely damaged. For example, a video ordered by a teacher of mine, which was sent from the states, looked like a VHS you rent that’s been in the rental for 10 years.

    The second is about the above mail. Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair to have someone, who kindly provides this service to the community without asking anything in return, put every video on a new tape, thus increasing material and postage cost? I think it would be more fair to consider entries on one tape, that have entry forms with different names and addresses, as different, equal entries, rather than privileging the one that happens to be the first.


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    dear Todd,

    wouldn’t it be possible to accept NTSC-Video (or SVIDEO) CDs? They should be playable in a standard DVD-player (not nuch a difference in setup to VHS) but this format would be avaiable to anyone with a CDburner (even if he lives in good ol’ PAL country :-D).

    This would be the format I would pretty much prefer to enter.



    With mine,it’s mostly action galore.The only set pieces are some walls.

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    I’d just like to re-iterate brickbrock’s post:

    wouldn’t it be possible to accept NTSC-Video (or SVIDEO) CDs? They should be playable in a standard DVD-player (not nuch a difference in setup to VHS) but this format would be avaiable to anyone with a CDburner (even if he lives in good ol’ PAL country ).

    I am also able to make fully compliant VCD and SVCD movies of my films in NTSC format (test proven on my multiregion dvd player and pal/ntsc television). This is certainly something that would make it much easier for non-NTSC region people (EUROPE/AUSTRALIA mostly) to enter.




    i’m still prefering the “let jared be an exception to the multiple entries rule” option. mainly, because the quality of vcds blows chunks. (then let’s just compound it by copying it onto a vhs tape, probably the most lossy analog format…)

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    I’d like to jump on this bandwagon too. If a single track DVD or VCD were allowed, the film’s quality will not suffer from any degradation when transferred from a PC to VHS, and then again when copied to the contest presentation tape(s).

    — mrgraff

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    SVCD (Super VCD) is mpeg2 encoding. Details for NTSC:

    NTSC (NTSC Film)

    max 2600 kbit/sec MPEG-2 (Audio + Video bitrate max bitrate is 2778 kbit/s).
    480 x 480 pixels (CVD 352×480)
    29,97 frames/second
    23,976 frames/second with 3:2 pulldown (NTSC Film)
    with up to 4 Subtitles

    from 32 – 384 kbit/sec MPEG-1 Layer2
    with up to 2 Audio Tracks


    In my experience, this gives excellent video quality (on a television, I’m not considering how it looks on a comp. monitor, which IS worse, due to the high quality nature, resolution and refresh rates) and would help reduce the problem of further degredation when Todd compiles his tape to play on the day.

    Of course it is not as good as DVD quality, but you must take into account the quality of the source material too.


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    A monitor is MUCH worse in display quality as compared to any Good Tv, my 640 x 480 footage from my Logitech 4000 looks GREAT on my 21 inch tv. (Fullscreen!)

    Its just mearly okay on the monitor.

    What I’m trying to say is, even WMV format films look FINE on any tv as long as they are 640 x 480 resolution. So the Cd/Vcd/Dvd video will look fine on the Tv, as long as you have a reasonably good webcam and film it at 640 x 480 resolution. We really don’t have to worry about that. (Unless you film with the lego cam…)

    And yes, I do watch my Legomovies on our Tv, the Puter is hooked up to it at this momentito. :wink

    Yolegoman, who doesn’t really know if anybody asked a question for this answer, but figured the question would show up sooner or later and might as well answer it now, but instead is probably making everybody much more confused…

    I stole that emoticon from Legotronn…

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