Brick Fest 2003 Animation Competition

The organizers of the annual Brick Fest would like to announce the Brick Fest 2003 Animation Competition to be held during the gathering on August 8, 9, and 10 in Arlington, Virginia.

The Brick Fest ‘03 Animation Competition this year will encompass music videos. Any category of music may be used from classical to rock, show tunes to sound tracks, and new wave to heavy metal. You may produce your own music or borrow from a published work. The music video may be an original work, parody the music, make fun of the artist, or be a creative interpretation of the original music video. The music must be appropriate to an audience consisting of children, adults, and your parents. Any music video not meeting this criteria in either the visual or auditory elements will not be included in the competition.

The Brick Fest 2003 Animation Competition will award three awards for this category. The Audience Choice for Best Music Video will be the music video that the audience likes best from all of the entries shown. The criteria that each audience member uses to make this selection are unknown. The Best Technical Animation will be chosen by the Brick Fest 2003 Organizers to have the best animation techniques and video techniques employed in the production of the animation. The Best of Show Award will go to the animation entry that is considered by all of those in attendance at the convention to be the best of all the entries. The Best of Show will be given to the video with the best presentation and technical aspects. A single entry may not win more than one award but a single animator or group or animators may win more than one award.

The rules are simple and will be adhered to exactly as laid out in this announcement. Any variation will result in disqualification from the competition.

The animation techniques used may include stop motion, computer-generated, or traditional cell animation. With respect to stop motion, the Animation Competition showcases the talents of stop-motion animators using LEGO® System products including bricks, mini-figs, and other elements. The use of LEGO® System products must constitute a majority of materials used in the production of the animated film. The use of non-LEGO® System products is permitted when used as part of the story and as long as their use does not constitute a majority of the materials used as determined by the Bricks Fest 2003 Animation Festival Committee.

Cell animation must use original drawings or original materials and may not use any materials produced by the LEGO® Group. Hand drawn cells, cut-outs, and a combination of LEGO® Bricks and drawings maybe used in the production of a cell animation work. Computer-generated animation may include cad drawn or hand drawn and scanned imagery, but must be compiled and edited using a computer.

Please note that all three animation techniques will be combined in the same competition and their merits will be judged equally. It is assumed that no one technique is better or more superior to the other. The idea is to encourage animators in different styles to produce a work or to encourage animators that may not have specific equipment or materials to produce an animation in the medium of their choosing.

All entries to the Animation Competition are limited to 4 minutes or 240 seconds of video. Credits and other information regarding the music video are allowed but must fall within the 4 minute time limit. Any video exceeding this time limit will simply be cut in the editing process when all entries are combined into a single video tape.

All entries must be original to this competition. Any video previously released prior to Brick Fest 2003 or previously entered into any animation competition ever will be disallowed. Any animation that is re-edited for the purpose of this competition will be disallowed. All entries must be in production prior to this announcement or begin production following this announcement. Production includes pre-production, filming, and post-production. Basically, if you had begun something, but have not yet released it to the public, then the music video can be considered for this competition.

All entries must be submitted on VHS or Mini-DV video cassette tape in the NTSC standard. All video tape cassettes must be labeled with the group or individual name, name of the music video and the name of the band or musician.

Other media, such as DVD will be considered if the animator contacts the Committee Chair at the contact information provided below. Failure to make prior arrangements with the Animation Competition Committee or to submit the entries on VHS or Mini-DV video cassette tape in the NTSC standard will result in disqualification. The reason for this may not be clear to all, but it has to do with the inability to convert the wide variety of computer video formats to video tape. Since video tape is the friendliest method of showing video to an audience, this is the method chosen for this competition. Not wishing to limit animators based on their equipment limitations, the Animation Competition Committee will try to assist the animator by working out a standard that the committee can work with. This must be done prior to the submission of the entry though and will not be done at the last minute. If the committee does not hear from animators by the beginning of July, all will animators will be considered to be entering video tape media. The committee will post to the Internet any consultations that are agreed to with animators.

Contestants need not be present at the Brick Fest 2003 Convention to be considered in the competition, but your presence if possible is encouraged.

No fee is required for your entry

More than one entry per individual may be submitted on the same video tape in the same envelope sent to the address listed below. However, due to time constraints on the Animation Competition, animators must place their videos in order of preference on the video tape. Each contestant will have their first video placed in the competition. If there is sufficient time left in the competition, the second video on their video tape will be entered into the competition. If there are more contestants than time allows for the first video on each tape to be shown, then the organizers of the Brick Fest 2003 will pre-select which entries will be considered for the competition. The selection criteria will be posted on the Internet in the event that this happens.

The time allotted for the Animation Competition is 60 minutes.

All entries must be accompanied by an entry form. Please visit the Brick Fest web site at for an entry form that you must fill out and send in with the video.

The submission deadline for all entries is Monday, July 28, 2003. All entries must be received at the address below on that date. Any entry received after that date will be returned, unopened to the sender. Keep in mind that this means that you must send and have the package or parcel post marked prior to that date in order for it to be received on time.

Entries may be returned to the sender if a self-addressed and postage paid return mailer is included. The sender must either double box or have a label provided with the postage paid for a return of their video. This is potentially more expensive than sending a copy of an original work, but is a service gladly provided if the sender is willing to pay the cost. Entries will be returned if they meet these criteria following the Brick Fest 2003 convention.

Please contact the following organizers with comments or questions:

Todd S. Thuma

Send entries to:

Brick Fest 2003 Animation Competition
1325 Cedar Shoals Drive
Unit 200
Athens, GA 30605