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    There were a few of us watching the keynote via live video hoping they would extend the broadcast to the animation comp… they didn’t :( but the audio was left going so with rapid clicks of the refresh button you could watch a variety of stills and listen to the out of time music (and audience, commentary from Todd etc).

    It started out with Todd announcing that the 5 entries were all very close (compared to previous comps) and he spoke about the categories to vote in. Best animation (that I thought was to be chosen by the judges if you read the rules), Audience choice for best music video, and best overall chosen by all in attendance.

    It was also announced that a late entry would be shown at the end, but was not in the running for the comp.

    NOTE: The observations below are based upon WEB CAM STILL IMAGES, along with the live audio from the theatre. I was not there, Doug and Jared will have a much better report… I assume!

    Video 1: vid 1: Sk8er Boi – Avril Levigne (i don’t know how to spell her name… I take that as a GOOD THING) It was set to some action in the starwars universe, there was a skate ramp, storm troopers etc. Colours looked a bit reddish. I assume it was playing on the Anakin and Padme relationship explored within the latest films. If so, then I think that is a pretty decent interpretation of the video.

    Video 2: This one looked like a cartoon to start out… and then when the credits hit… EGOLESS!!! A new animation from Ben B. It was announced afterwards that it was done in flash. The song was by Evanescence (spelling?) I did not catch the title. It looked cool! I assume it will appear HERE eventually.

    Video3: Doug and Jared’s was up next… was the tune ‘Powerhouse’? It looked cool, and the music was great, but there were lots of cuts so it was hard to see what was happening. There were indians and a car and heaps of other stuff. It had good lighting and a crisp picture from what I could tell. I am looking forward to seeing it. It got a hearty applause afterwards. I assume it will appear HERE soon.

    Video 4: Minifigstudios’ entry “Over the hills and far away”. It was set in a prison, and had some neat little thought bubble effects and a variety of camera angels. I hope it gets released soon too.

    Video 5: Hali’s entry “A Forest”. Hard to comment upon my own film. Literally and metaphorically darker than the others, and I don’t think as appealing to the audience, but I knew that, I really went for the 80’s video clip look and feel. My stomach dropped when I saw the Onscreen display appear over the end of my clip (I worked extremely hard at to get the timing with the closing seconds just right… ). I heard Todd say something about it looking fine on his TV at home. I guess part of the reason is that the lighting in this film goes through a progression from from lighter to darker to extremely bright… on purpose. Oh well, I’ve kinda come to expect SOME sort of technical difficulties these days. You can download this one from here.

    Video 6: Not part of the comp, due to being a late submission, Todd used it as a filler. I’m not really sure of many details about this one, the music was cool though, and I think it incorporated a lot of still images of

    I can’t wait for Doug and Jared’s report!


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    I couldn’t hear anything, but I could see the slide show, and I saw song titles for all but the 4th film. I wrote them down, but forgot to bring them home from work where I was watching them (I know, I’m a great employee.)

    The Evanescence song was “Bring Me to Life,” if I remember correctly.

    And Doug and Jared’s was Powerhouse by the Cartoon Network Orchestra, also if memory servers.

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    Bring me to life is an easy song to make a video seeing as to how it can be
    interpreted in so many different ways…..
    (p.s:: i hear you rev….
    Ever seen OFFICE SPACE???
    relates to your job….)

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    Hi everyone!
    As I type this Jared is on another comp posting the link to our latest movie in the Post and Review forum.
    Unfortunately it is the 60 mb divx version that we used to get it on video. We’ll have to wait until we get home to get a smaller version up.
    We hope you like it!
    Here’s the scoop on the animation fest:
    During the LEGO Rep Q&A the room was packed, with people sitting in the floor and standing in doorways. Easily 200 people. As soon as the doorprize drawing was over, the room cleared out. :( Only about 20 people remained for the Animation Fest. This stinks, but those who remained were in for a treat and the rest missed out. Losers.
    The showing went great and almost without a hitch. Each film was shown and there was a 10 second gap between them where Todd would make a few comments or jokes. It was during the ‘bonus’ video that Todd had problems as it was on his laptop. This video was crap and seemed to me to be making fun of Brick Animation. I was insulted.
    Todd then started the contest entries again from the top, but he had altered the brightness because he thought Hali’s entry had shown too dark. I thought this was a mistake as I saw no real difference in Hali’s film yet all the others seemed ‘washed out’. Overall, the audience reaction was good- a few people left but a few more wandered in so it evened out I think.
    OK, on to each film-

    Video 1: Skater Boi: Turns out this was the same guy who won last year with the Blok Wars entry. I thought the animation was poor, especially when compared to Blok Wars. The concept was really hard to fathom- I think the Princess ditched skater boi Anakin for Darth Vader. I think.
    The audience reaction was lukewarm- a couple of chuckles and polite applause.

    Video 2: Awake: Egoless is not dead! Todd told us Ben B had entered and that his entry was all flash so I was really looking forward to this one. For some reason this entry was plagued by poor sound. Todd blamed the video that Ben sent it in on as none of the other entries had this problem and they were all on the same tape. The video itself was of Castle figs playing instruments and singing the song. There was no real story, though some attempts were made to convey one (the lead singer/princess loses her soul in conjunction with the line from the song). I thought it looked great visually but was somehow lacking in the animation. I wished he had used more movement of the figs. Audience reaction was OK. Fair applause and some chuckles.

    Video3: A Grand and Merry Race, using the song ‘Powerhouse’ by the Cartoon Network Orchestra by me and Jared. What can I say? I tried to get people to stay for the Animation Fest by bringing models from my film and having them displayed on the table before me during the Q&A. Whenever someone would stop to look at them, I would explain that they were from our film and they should stay and check it out. I think it worked for a few people which is better than nothing :)
    I thought the film looked great during the first showing, though washed out during the second and the sound was great both times. I was pleased.
    Audience reaction was FANTASTIC- hardy belly laughs in all the right places and thunderous applause at the end. Five people came up to us and told us how great it was. It was marvelous! The entire trip was worth that one moment.

    Video 4: Minifigstudios’ entry “Over the hills and far away”.
    A great little short that used quite a few post production effects to tell a story of a man who loses his freedom and the woman he left behind.
    The best part of this video was the song- it was rousing and infectious. More than a couple of viewers were heard to say they needed to find a copy of that album. The animation was also great and the effects were very well done. The audience reaction was good, it was kind of a sad story so there were few laughs during but the applause at the end was high.

    Video 5: ‘The Forest’ by the Cure, sent in by the one and only Hali. I’ve been waiting forever for this one and was not disappointed. It was perfectly timed to the music and used light and shadow to maximum effect. There wasn’t much story that I could tell and the overall theme was somewhat discomorting, though I can’t exactly tell you why- Jared called it ‘Good Company Part 2′. It just had a sinister feel to it. As there were no jokes or gags, the audience was stone silent throughout and at the end it got a high amount of applause. For my part, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear Nick was using a professional camera. it just looks that good.

    So, who won you ask? I wish I knew. Todd stunned us all by not announcing the winners last night but by saying it would be tonight before the other film festival. Curse you Todd! :P

    Well, that’s my report for now. I’ll pop back on later and announce the big news the moment I hear it!


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    Thanks for the report, Doug. It must have been wonderful hearing those personal comments!

    I am right now watching the ‘home video’ comp on the webcam (while downloading your huge avi)… Wondering if an announcement was made for the winners… but also marvelling that it looks like HEAPS more people are there… *sigh*


    EDIT: Looks like they’re showing our films again… once again, looks like the place cleaned out!!!


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    because they aren’t available online anywhere yet, here are a few pics of Sk8er Boi and the Egoless entries (from the webcam):

    Egoless 1
    Egoless 2
    Egoless 3

    Sk8er 1
    Sk8er 2
    Sk8er 3


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